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Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation

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Christian Organizations

The Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation works with diverse organizational partnerships: international mission institutions, denominations, schools, parachurch ministries, and many other groups dedicated to the mission of the gospel. Nearly all of our partners agree that in order to sustain the mission of an organization, shepherding its key leaders, faculty, staff, and missionaries (where applicable) is vital. This specialized care for people can be difficult to maintain given that many leaders don’t have sufficient time, resources, or energy. We can ease your burden by providing the resources, consulting, and support team to carry out Fuller Formation Groups within your institution.

What to Expect

During your two-year partnership with the Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation, you will work closely with our team to create a comprehensive plan detailing the ways Fuller Formation Groups could best support and develop your people. Fuller Formation Groups can be provided for key leadership, new staff onboarding efforts, or your entire staff, and the Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation will help you and your key leadership develop a contextualized plan that is achievable for your specific institution.

Your Consultation Experience

The coaching and mentoring provided by Fuller faculty and staff will grow your leaders spiritually, equipping them to be adaptive leaders. Strengths assessments, mentoring and coaching sessions, and guided personal reflection will help your leaders be refreshed in their roles and develop patterns to sustain their work and avoid burnout. The Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation works with each institution to develop the concrete, contextualized curriculum and implementation plans that will enable their leaders and staff to be equipped for kingdom mission.

Leadership Development

Fuller Formation Groups provide leadership development to your staff through a year-long cohort. Transformation happens through entering into practice and experience. Your people won’t get extended lectures from us on how to be better leaders, but they will become strengthened and focused in their vocations through their own spiritual growth.

Strong Culture

By leading participants in various spiritual practices, Fuller Formation Groups give individuals tools and strategies to sustain their spiritual health for the long haul of their Christian journey and mission work. When your organization prioritizes the spiritual growth of your people, you can avoid burnout, improve staff retention, and form a unified vision to reach the mission of your organization. Most importantly, you will be creating a culture that esteems and prioritizes the foundation of a personal relationship with Christ as the starting point for all relationships, work, and success.

The Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation has been honored to partner with more than 20 churches and mission institutions since our founding in 2016, a few of them listed below.

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