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Fuller Center for Spiritual and Missional Formation

Develop Spiritual Practices that Lead to Flourishing

The structure of a Fuller Formation Group is designed to provide a concentrated season of formation and renewal of purpose for your mission in God’s kingdom.

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What Is a Fuller Formation Group?

A Fuller Formation Group is a year-long commitment to establishing patterns of formation within biblical community. Each group consists of 15-20 individuals, but your small group of just four to five provides the most concentrated community of growth. Quarterly retreats, monthly cohort video calls, and short weekly spiritual exercises will provide a refreshing, flexible structure to revisit, name, and strengthen your unique purpose in the kingdom of God.

What to Expect

The structure of Fuller Formation Groups is designed for growth and renewal, not to tax already burdened schedules. This year-long experience is founded on the belief that transformation occurs through spiritual practice and community engagement. A Fuller Formation Group will contain little theological instruction or teaching, but trained mentors will lead you to experience a multitude of rich spiritual practices that you will then learn to adapt to your own life rhythm.

Explore the Elements of a Fuller Formation Group

Fuller Formation Groups creates a supportive community that helps you achieve vocational clarity and develop and sustain lifelong patterns of spiritual health.


Quarterly Retreats

These one- or two-night retreats are guided spiritual formation opportunities that provide individuals with space to spend time alone with God, practice spiritual disciplines, and be led in reflection in community.

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Monthly Small Groups

Each month your small group (four to five people), guided by a trained spiritual mentor, will gather using video technology to discuss spiritual practices and share where God is at work in your life.

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Weekly Practice

Each week you will engage in learning, practice, reflection, and relationship through spiritual practices, short videos, and readings that will take about 45 minutes of your time per week.


A Guided Life

You will receive mentorship and coaching from seasoned leaders, pastors, and spiritual directors to help you cultivate the tools to address the critical issues you face in your daily life.


“I have been tremendously blessed to participate in a Fuller Formation Group. The authenticity and the willingness to be vulnerable with each other have paved the way to true friendship and experiencing God together. I have been encouraged to know that I am not alone in ministry service and in my walk with God.”

Kevin Kang-Huai Lee
Group Participant

“My group has been a surprising blessing in my life. I've been invited to write a personal lament that has helped me speak more honestly with God and opened up ground for the Spirit to move in my life. I've been encouraged to consider my call in the kingdom of God at a unique time in my life when my role was changing. I've been moved deeper into my understanding of what God is doing.”

Joel Larson
Group Participant

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