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Mouw Event

A Public Gospel: Evangelicals, Neo-Calvinists, and Society

May 21-23, 2025

Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Evangelicalism is a global Christian movement whose expansive public impact has been felt around the world in the societal spheres of politics, business, media, science, and culture. Neo-Calvinism and its unique approach to faith and public life is both intimately linked to and importantly distinct from Evangelicalism.

In May 2025 an interdisciplinary collection of scholars and students from around the world will gather in Sao Paulo, Brazil to explore and interrogate the relationship between these two traditions and their respective approaches to faith and public life, especially in South America. This conference will mark the first of three international gatherings dedicated to exploring the increasingly global character of Neo-Calvinist thought and practice. While the first conference will be hosted in South America, the second and third gatherings will occur in Asia and Africa.

By invitation of the Mackenzie Chancellery and hosted on the Higienópolis campus of Mackenzie Presbyterian University, this 2025 conference is being organized in partnership with scholars from the University of Edinburgh, Fuller Theological Seminary, and the Theological University Utrecht.

Plenary speakers and panels will cultivate a critical dialogue between Evangelical and Neo-Calvinist approaches to faith and public life considering questions such as:

  • Historically speaking, how have these two traditions related to one another in diverse global contexts like the Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, and elsewhere?
  • Theologically speaking, how has the theological character and methods of Evangelicalism and Neo-Calvinism informed their postures and practices in public life?
  • Ethically speaking, how might one evaluate the moral judgments of Evangelicals and Neo-Calvinists in the spheres of politics, the arts, economics, education, etc.?
  • In what ways might these two global traditions inform, challenge, and transform one another in more productive ways in the future?

While papers related to the conference theme are encouraged, proposals for papers and concurrent sessions are also welcome on topics that engage with Neo-Calvinism and public theology more broadly. Papers from historical as well as philosophical, ecumenical, critical, practical, missional, and constructive perspectives are welcome. Proposals from graduate students are especially encouraged. Scholars and students who present papers may be invited to publish their work with the new academic journal Neocalviniana.

In addition to the advancement of scholarship, this conference aims to foster personal and professional networks of scholars, pastors, ministry professionals, civic leaders, and practitioners with interests in Neo-Calvinist theology, history, philosophy, and ethics.

Travel Support: Please note that travel scholarships are available for students and emerging scholars who wish to present a paper. Latin American students and scholars are especially encouraged to apply for travel assistance. If you hope to present a paper at this conference and are in need of travel assistance, please contact us for a formal invitation to apply for travel support before December 15, 2024.

Ednardo Duarte
Conference Coordinator
[email protected]

Paper Proposals: One-page paper proposals should include a proposed paper title or roundtable theme, a brief description of the focus of the presentation (one to three paragraphs), and the presenter’s institutional affiliation and contact information, including email address. Proposals received after the December 15, 2024 deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.

Individual paper and/or complete session proposals, as well as questions about the conference, may be sent to: Ednardo Duarte, Conference Coordinator, [email protected].