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Richard Mouw

Richard Mouw Faith and Public Life Scholarship


The Mouw scholarship is available to incoming Fuller PhD students working at the intersection of Reformed theology and public life in the fields of psychology, missiology, and theology. Scholarships provide $50,000 per year toward tuition, books, materials, housing, etc. Scholarships last for up to five years in the field of psychology and four years in the fields of theology and missiology.

The model for these scholarships is the public theological leadership of Richard Mouw, president emeritus and senior professor. Mouw’s research and writing focused on the intersection of Reformed theology and public life. Applicants can learn more about Mouw’s legacy in Reformed public theology on the Mouw Institute website.

The scholarship will be awarded to select PhD students whose trajectory of life and service will lead them to make a scholarly commitment to Christian reflection and engagement in public life. Successful applicants will describe how their research interests and sense of academic vocation intersect with the public witness of the global church and the Reformed theological tradition.

Recipients of this scholarship are expected to participate in the Mouw Fellows, a regular colloquium of doctoral students within the Mouw Institute of Faith and Public Life who are working in the field of public theology.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants may request consideration for this scholarship by fully and accurately completing and submitting the scholarship application below. They must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be admitted to start a Fuller PhD program
  • Must enroll in the quarter for which they were admitted. Scholarship recipients who defer admission will forfeit the scholarship
  • Must not have previously enrolled in a Fuller PhD program
  • Must meet the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standards
  • Cannot be combined with any other Fuller scholarship, grant, or discount

The scholarship application deadline is January 21, 2025.