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130 N. Los Robles Ave

Community Overview

  • 2-storied converted house with 7 units
  • We are the Ford Place community. There are a total of 28 apartments in this community so we are rather large. The community coordinator works hard to have this be an enjoyable place to live that is very kid friendly. A number of our apartments face a busy street and therefore, noise is a common issue. We have a diverse range of students living here and representation from all three schools at Fuller. In addition, we share a nice green space common area (yard with fake grass) that has a swing, tables and chairs and a barbeque.

Amenities for Our Community

  • Gas and electricity included in the rate
  • Refrigerators
  • Stove/Oven, Range Fuel: Gas
  • Washer/Dryer: Across the Street
  • Parking: Open Space


Unit Type Floor Sq. Ft. Floor Plan 2015 Rent
01 1/1 2nd 411 130nlosr01 $1,050
02 Studio 2nd 363 130nlosr 02 $860
03 studio 2nd 337 130nlosr 03 $930
04 1/1 1st 364 130nlsor 04 $930
05 1/1 1st 505 130nlosr 05 $1,070
06 studio 1st 300 130nslor 06 $850
07 studio 1st 286 130 nlosr 07 $820


Sam Ning


Ford Place Community Coordinator