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500 Block N Madison Ave

ATTENTION: Madison Square property floor plans currently being updated. Please contact the Housing Office for current information.


An Intentional Community Focusing on Loving One Another

  • God has revealed Himself as relational. On that basis, we believe God has called us into community with Him and with others. Madison Square is the expression of that call to community to which we have each responded, and it is our desire to emulate God here.

Amenities for Our Community

  • Beautiful lawns & trees gardened by professionals
  • Community fire pit, grill, table and chairs
  • Range Fuel: Gas
  • Washer/Dryer: In Complex
  • Parking: Open Space


(Please note that these rents are examples and may not be current, for current rates please call 626-584-6080)

Unit Type Floor Sq. Ft. Floor Plan 2015 Rent
514 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st 514nmadi $1,300
516 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st 516nmadi $1,300
518 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st 518nmadi $1,300
520 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st 520namdi $1,300
526 N. Madison Ave. 2/1 1st 526namdi $1,750
528 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st 528nmadi $1,350
530 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st 530nmadi $1,350
532 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st N/A $1,375
534 N. Madison Ave. 2/1 1st 534namdi $1,730
536 N. Madison Ave. studio 1st 536nmadi $1125
538 N. Madison Ave. 2/1 1st N/A N/A
542 N. Madison Ave. 2/1 1st N/A $1,700
544 N. Madison Ave. 1/1 1st N/A $1,220
548 N. Madison Ave. 2/1 1st 548nmadi $1,625
558 N. Madison Ave 1/1 1st N/A $1,125
562 N. Madison Ave 3.5/1.5 1st $2,260


Philip King

Philip King

Madison Square Community Coordinator
Madison Square is a picturesque community located on a quiet, tree-lined street just north of the 210 freeway. The community consists of seven quaint bungalows, three houses, and two back-houses all with some yard space and access to the community grill and fire pit. There is a grocery store within walking distance as well as several restaurants, a Laundromat, and a dentist's office. We are also located a short drive from North Lake Ave. which offers many multicultural dining and shopping options. Madison Square is an easygoing, fun-loving community where the Spirit can be seen at work in spontaneous gatherings around anything from card games to video games to impromptu theological conversations.