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Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress


To be eligible for institutional and federal financial aid, you must maintain academic achievement in accordance with the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (FASAP). Fuller's FASAP policy is designed to meet federal regulations and is stricter than the regular Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. In most cases, if you maintain a 2.5 or greater GPA and complete your courses, you should have no trouble with the FASAP policy. Student Financial Services measures your academic progress during the fifth week of each quarter based on Cumulative GPA and Completion Rate.


You must maintain a cumulative 2.50 grade point average or better after attempting 16 units at Fuller.


You must successfully complete a certain percentage of your attempted coursework based upon your program of study.

Students in Certificate, Master's, M.Div., SIS Th.M., Psychology Ph.D. and Psy.D. programs:

  • All students who have attempted at least 24 units must successfully complete 75% of all coursework.
  • Students who have attempted less than 24 units must successfully complete 60% of all coursework.

Students in Intercultural Studies Ph.D, D.Miss., Theology Ph.D. and Th.M., and D.MIN. programs:

  • Students must complete 75% of all attempted coursework.


The completion rate formula is the total of all earned units divided by the total of all attempted units.

(Total of all earned units) / (Total of all attempted units) = (Percentage of successfully completed units)

  • Grades that indicate successful completion: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, P, SA, and CR. These grades count as attempted units and earned units.
  • Grades that do not represent successful completion: Incomplete (I), F, H1, H2, H3, NS, NC, Extensions (IE, IX), and Withdrawals (W). These grades count as attempted but not earned units.
  • Drops (DD, DP, DR), In Process (IP), and Report Delayed (RD) grades do not count as attempted or earned units.
  • Transfer units count as attempted units and earned units.
  • Federal regulations require that all of your Fuller coursework be included in the calculation, even if it is from a different degree program, from many years ago, or a repeated course.


You will first be placed on Financial Aid Warning if you fail either the Cumulative GPA or Completion Rate measurements. You will remain eligible for all institutional and federal financial aid if placed on Financial Aid Warning. If, by the following quarter's evaluation, you are still failing FASAP you will be moved from Financial Aid Warning to Financial Aid Probation.

In Financial Aid Probation your eligibility for all institutional and federal financial aid will be suspended. You will not be eligible until you successfully pass both measurements during the next quarter's evaluation, or until you submit an approved FASAP petition and academic plan.

Eligibility is measured during the fifth week of the quarter.


You may submit a FASAP petition for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A death in the family
  • Accident
  • Illness
  • Other performance factors that were outside of your control

If you meet one or more of the reasons listed above and wish to petition, you must submit ALL of the following written documentation to Student Financial Services within 30 days of the date on your suspension letter. In order for your petition to be considered, it must include each of the following items:

  1. A detailed letter explaining the mitigating circumstance that affected your ability to make Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  2. An academic plan that has been created and approved with your academic advisor.
  3. Documentation of illness or medical condition. You must provide a letter from your attending physician stating the condition will no longer hinder your ability to make satisfactory academic progress. The letter must also include the dates the condition occurred. The dates must coincide with the period you failed to make satisfactory academic progress.

The Student Financial Services Policy Review Team will review the petition and notify you of a decision within 30 days of submission. Decisions of the Policy Review Team are final.