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Office for Urban Initiatives


Fuller Seminary Office for Urban Initiatives has supervised numerous interns and practicum students at Fuller Theological Seminary since 2006. Please click here to indicate your interest in completing your internship or practicum with our office.


Tiffany Cobb, OUI Practicum Student ’14; MAICS ’14
File Clerk, Hahn & Hahn LLP

“I was challenged in ways that I didn't anticipate. I was challenged to be assertive, decisive, and honest. The growth I experienced as a result of these challenges is what I will mostly take away. This experience has also helped me to realize the benefits of self-care. But more than that, it's taught me the value of structuring my environment in a manner that is enjoyable for me. This was a significant paradigm shift for me and I'm excited to put it in better practice once I graduate.”


Mark Bradshaw, OUI Intern; MDiv ‘12
Pastoral Intern, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church of Pasadena

“[T]he process of integration continues to be crucial for my ongoing spiritual formation. The importance of focusing on ending or solving social injustices, rather than managing them, which includes working together throughout a community, will impact whichever direction God takes me vocationally.”


Daneli Urena, OUI ‘11-13; MAICS ’13
New Projects Consultant, Development Associates International, Colorado Springs

Since working at OUI, “[m]y spiritual formation has been altered, I have been given the opportunity to add new spiritual practices that engage a different part of who I am, the contemplative aspect of myself. I find myself reflecting more on the day to day and making strides towards taking care of myself holistically.”


Dr. Mark Steenwyk, OUI Intern ‘06-07; PsyD ‘08
Fully Licensed Psychologist, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services 

I chose to intern at OUI because “[i]t was an opportunity to practice community psychology with a social justice focus while serving the under-served. [I]t was an expression of my faith and overall mission… and the work I am doing now is a continuation of that same sense of mission. I gained a lot by working alongside other Fuller students in the other schools, spending time with the homeless, and seeing God's redemptive and healing power through the work we were doing.”


Janice Chan, OUI Practicum Student ‘13; MACL '13
Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University
Urban Planner, Fuller Seminary Office for Urban Initiatives

"I really valued my experience at OUI. I enjoyed my supervision times with Dr. Herrera and really felt that OUI wanted to provide me with a meaningful experience that met my work objectives."


Susan Washington, OUI Intern ‘13; MAICS ’13
Project Manager, Qualcomm Semiconductor Company 

“I have gone from a person who was afraid of the homeless to being passionate… to help and work with them. I am now much more equipped with not only a compassionate heart, but facts about what is needed and what can be accomplished through the services available. I am much more aware of what needs to be done to implement housing first and homelessness prevention."


Oksana Boiko, OUI Practicum Student ‘12; MAICS ’12
Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs, Intercultural Ministry Coordinator, Pepperdine University 

Through my internship experience, I developed “a much better understanding of the problem. I learned a lot about homelessness, its history and reasons behind it, and the housing situation in the US and I was able to share it with a number of people… who were involved in homeless ministry. Also, I got involved in the homeless ministry in my local community.”


Jeff Cardell, OUI Practicum Student ’13; MAICS ’13
Long Term Missionary, Adventures In Missions, Timis County, Romania 

“My experience at OUI has truly impacted my spiritual life. During my time, I was encouraged to really explore what centering prayer looked like and how I could use it. In this, I am able to connect with the Father and truly hear from Him on a daily basis and not just on Sundays. I learned the complexity of housing first and that there is no easy solution. Rather, there are more appropriate solutions that we, as Christians, can see. We must look to our theology of God and see how that impacts how we interpret the world around us.”



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