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A Call to Prayer for Ukraine

Tragically, human beings are inclined toward war. We see it again vividly and tragically unfolding in Ukraine now that Russia has begun its anticipated invasion. We remember all in the wider Fuller community whose own lives, or those of family and friends, are affected by this war in Ukraine. May we join together to pray for an immediate end to this violent incursion, for a restraint against domineering leadership, and a turn from war toward peace and justice. Lord, in your mercy.

Of course, the world is already at war in places in Asia, Africa, and South America. Before the missiles last night began to hit cities in Ukraine, bombs and more were already raining down on lives that are being abused or lost, families being destroyed, life being turned upside down. We know that God hears the cries of the innocent sufferers––especially those of women and children, who are most often among the greatest victims of violence and war. We join in their prayers and agonies.

Prayers against nationalistic aggression, with all its abusive power and self-justified violence, can seem futile given militarism’s overwhelming tools of destruction. But the God revealed to us in Scripture is a God who knows the pathetic narratives of war, has suffered at the hands of empire, and has acted with the life-giving power of Jesus Christ, Lord of life and of death.

O Lord Jesus, Servant and Master, Bringer of Peace and Reconciliation, with deep sorrow and concern, we cry out to you for the beginnings of this war now occurring in Ukraine. We long for you to arrest this violence and destruction, to bring this war to a just end, and for your protection for all innocent victims and everyone directly involved in military action, in Ukraine and in Russia. Lord, in your mercy.

Mark Labberton
President, Fuller Theological Seminary