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Fuller Stands with DACA Recipients and Their Families

Our nation has reached a historical juncture in the fight to maintain protections for about 700,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program, as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments today concerning the fate of DACA recipients. Fuller Seminary stands unwaveringly in support of the brave, dedicated, and hardworking DACA recipients and…

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Shannon Sigler Appointed Executive Director of the Brehm Center

Shannon Sigler

Fuller is pleased to announce that Shannon Steed Sigler has been appointed as the Executive Director of Fuller’s Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts. Over the past four years, Sigler has been the assistant director of Fuller’s Institute for Theology and Northwest (Brehm Cascadia) and brings the perfect mix of theological depth, administrative experience,…

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Fuller’s Accreditation Reaffirmed by ATS and WSCUC

“Fuller Theological Seminary, embracing the School of Theology, School of Psychology, and School of Intercultural Studies, is an evangelical, multidenominational, international, and multiethnic community dedicated to the equipping of men and women for the manifold ministries of Christ and his church. Under the authority of Scripture we seek to fulfill our commitment to ministry through…

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Fuller Apologizes for Student Name, Degree Inaccuracy at Commencement

Fuller wishes to acknowledge, with deepest apology, that during the commencement ceremony the names and degrees of two students were inaccurately read. We sincerely regret that they were caused to be dishonored in this way onstage before the audience of their loved ones and the greater Fuller community after working so hard for seven years…

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In Memoriam: Ruth M. Fuller

The seminary community mourns the passing of Ruth M. Fuller, 91, on August 29 after a brief illness. Ruth was married to Daniel Fuller, former dean and longtime faculty member in the School of Theology as well as the son of seminary founder Charles E. Fuller. Ruth earned an AA in 1976 from Pasadena Community College…

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The Politics of Cheap Speech and Taming the Tongue

Tragically, elected leaders—and Christian people—across our nation readily opt for cheap speech when engaging in public discourse.  Cheap speech is only possible when we drain our neighbor of their value. We confess to believe in each person’s value and dignity, but only if we do not find them disagreeable or disgusting.  In that case, we…

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Fuller Celebrates Students at Historic 70th Commencement

The main sanctuary of Lake Avenue Church was filled to capacity on June 15 as  students, staff, faculty, family, and friends gathered for an historic occasion—Fuller’s 70th commencement ceremony. Ed Willmington, composer-in-residence and director of the Fred Bock Institute of Music at Fuller, conducted the organ and brass ensemble that ushered in the graduating students…

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富勒对富勒未来的核心承诺和最新消息: 工作空间的配置(波莫纳、休斯顿、凤凰城、虚拟、和租用选项)

考虑如何整全使用我们的硬体设施,促使我们按照三个规划来讨论工作空间分配:我们有什么,我们可以租用什么,以及我们可以如何在虚拟空间工作。现况是:帕萨迪纳校园在出售的过程;波莫纳校园已经确定要建设新校区而且已经开始设计;我们在凤凰城的婚姻家庭谘商项目正在蓬勃发展;我们在休斯顿的校园也已经慷慨地被赠送给富勒——只要它用在神学教育上。富勒有职员在虚拟空间工作的历史,有50位左右职员已成功地如此运作。人事部、资讯科技部、和教导及学习部的行政主管与职员正一起努力要将这个工作方式的最好运作方法转为正式。其它空间的需要,例如向第三方租用学生宿舍(这是在帕萨迪纳几十年来的方式),或是选择租用办公室,在校园中心附近都有方便的供应。 有关休斯顿的一个提醒:休斯顿是一个蓬勃发展的市场,可以支持一个具有富勒精神的神学院,但需要像这样的决策提供雄厚基础。同时,我们的建筑师正在与前沿的领导会商来了解他们的空间需要,而各部门的领导也在计算能够达到我们使命目标所需的私人办公室的数量和大小、公共工作空间、图书馆、以及集会空间。休斯顿的物业礼物是我们资产组合重要的一环,并让我们在办公室空间的需要上可以有创意的解决方案。因此我们会考虑将一部分办公室(大约50—70人)搬到休斯顿,确实的数目及功能会在我们能够一起依实际情形而决定。草案已按照“如果”的情况提交董事会,寻求正面的支持。(特别值得一提的是,按照帕萨迪纳的薪水在休斯顿生活,那些受这样搬迁影响的人会感受生活有长足进步,正如我们期望搬到波莫纳会有一样的结果。根据 bestplaces.net粗略的调查,帕萨迪纳的消费比波莫纳贵41.9百分比,比休斯顿贵107百分比。)

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풀러의 핵심헌신과 풀러의 미래에 관한 업데이트: 업무장소 분배 (포모나, 휴스턴, 피닉스, 가상, 리스 옵션)

우리의 물리적 자산의 총체적 사용에 대한 고민은 세 개의 영역으로 이루어질 업무공간의 분배에 대한 논의로 이어졌습니다. 우리가 소유하고 있는 것, 우리가 리스할지도 모르는 것, 재택근무를 어떻게 할지의 세 영역입니다. 파사데나 캠퍼스는 매각 과정 중에 있습니다. 새로운 캠퍼스가(지금 디자인 중에 있는) 세워질 포모나의 토지는 확보된 상태입니다. 피닉스의 MFT 프로그램은 번창하고 있습니다. 그리고 휴스턴의 캠퍼스는 풀러에 기증된…

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