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Course Revision Grant Reports

Two new course revision grants have been awarded to Tyler S. Greenway and Mimi Haddad.

PG830 Social Psychology

Tyler S. Greenway, PhD

I would like to begin by thanking Dr. Alexis Abernethy, Mrs. Tamara Anderson, and all others involved in the creation and administration of the Inclusion and Equity Faculty Grants….Objectives for the PG830 course revision grant included (1) investigating best practices for teaching inclusively and equitably, (2) integrating culturally diverse scholarship as required readings, and (3) reshaping course assignments to further develop students’ competencies in inclusion and equity. PG830 is a required, basic content area course for doctoral students. The course provides an overview of the major theories, issues, data, and research methodologies in social psychology.

Link to full report

CH575 Women in History and Theology

Mimi Haddad, PhD

It was a privilege and honor to receive an Inclusion and Equity Faculty Course Revision grant for Women in History and Theology (CH 575). The grant was an opportunity to heighten skills and learning from women contributors lesser well known because of (conscious or unconscious) race, ethnicity, or disability bias. Our goal was to incorporate their theological and historical reflections throughout course readings, assignments, lectures, small group discussions, empathy building exercises and multi-media experiences. We also aim to incorporate data from businesses and humanitarians research demonstrating the power of diverse teams.

Link to full report