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Faculty Enrichment Grant Report

A faculty enrichment grant has been awarded to Michal Meulenberg.

Racial Equity Workshop provided by Racial Equity Institute

Michal Meulenberg, PhD

With great gratitude to the 2020-21 Inclusion and Equity Faculty Grant initiative, more specifically the awarded Faculty Enrichment Grant, I participated in the Racial Equity Workshop put together by the Racial Equity Institute (REI). REI helps “individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patters of power and grow equity” The reason for wanting to take this specific workshop was because in teaching about islamophobia, I’ve noticed that students of color tend to respond differently to the content compared to most of the white students. Just like racism, islamophobia is often thought of as individual bigotry and bias rather than a systemic and structural phenomenon. Not addressing this has created tension in the classroom both when teaching this in person as well as online.

Link to full report