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Faculty Inclusion and Equity Grants Awarded

In an effort to make Fuller’s education more inclusive, the Associate Provost for Faculty Inclusion and Equity, following the recommendation of a senior faculty team of reviewers, awarded grants to seven faculty members who proposed inclusion and equity projects. These grants function as incentives and funding for faculty members to explore and implement new practices that contribute to greater inclusivity in Fuller’s educational experience. Grants were awarded for revisions in course curriculum, proposals for faculty enrichment, and for inclusion and equity resources. As projects are completed, awardees will complete reports so that the insights they have gained can be shared, providing an opportunity for the whole Fuller community to benefit from these grant projects.

The largest grant offered is the Course Revision Grant. This grant is offered for projects that integrate scholarship from underrepresented people groups into courses. Strong proposals in this category not only sought to include new scholarship, but also articulate how scholarship from underrepresented people groups reorients, illumines, and/or critiques current perspectives within that field. This ensures that new scholarship is not only added onto existing courses, but integrated more thoroughly into the course itself. The 2018-19 Course Revision Grant Awardees are Tina Armstrong and Oscar García-Johnson.

The Faculty Enrichment Grant provides funding for faculty members to attend workshops, conferences, webinars, or other trainings that enhance their knowledge and abilities in inclusion and equity. Opportunities for continual training are essential so that faculty members are continually aware of best practices for inclusion and equity. The Faculty Enrichment Grant awardees for 2018-19 are Hak Joon Lee and Anne Nolty.

The Faculty Resource Grant offers funding for faculty members to purchase books and resources that enhance their teaching skills or their ability to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for students. This grant has the potential to promote positive change in the broader community as more people become familiar with resources related to inclusion and equity. The 2018-19 Faculty Resource Grant Awardees are Chris Blumhofer, Carly Crouch, and Lisa Lamb.

After project reports are submitted in October of 2019, we will be able to share how the projects of these seven faculty members may enhance inclusion and equity efforts at Fuller.