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Fuller Welcomes Alesia Starks as Instructor of Marriage and Family Therapy

alesia starksThe School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy welcomes Alesia Starks as a practitioner faculty colleague and instructor of marriage and family therapy. Ms. Starks began teaching in the spring as an adjunct instructor in the MS in Marriage and Family Therapy program on the Pasadena campus and will continue to bring her clinical expertise and skills into the classroom in her new role. Prior to joining Fuller, Alesia worked in community mental health and Department of Mental Health contexts, applying her gifts as a clinician, curriculum developer, and trainer. Her areas of clinical expertise span a wide range of specializations including domestic violence, treating complex trauma, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. During her master’s program at Pacific Oaks College, Alesia wrote a thesis titled, Towards a Pan African Community in the U.S.: Defining the Social Space Between African Immigrants and African Americans from the African Immigrant’s Perspective. She brings with her a wealth of clinical and life experiences that will deepen and enrich the ongoing work of formation that is central to Fuller’s MFT program.