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Fuller Welcomes Nancy Frigaard as Program Director of Fuller Arizona MFT Program

Nancy Frigaard

The School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy welcomes Nancy Frigaard as an administrative faculty colleague as she serves as the new program director for the Fuller Arizona Marriage and Family Therapy program. Dr. Frigaard is a Fuller alum and a graduate of the inaugural cohort of the MFT program in Phoenix. While in the program, she developed her clinical expertise as a child and adolescent therapist, building on her first career as a high school teacher. After graduating from Fuller, Nancy founded Freedom Family Counseling, a flourishing therapy practice that specializes in couples, child, adolescent, and family therapy. With the same innovation and vision necessary to build her practice, Nancy will lead the Arizona MFT program in broadening its reach to students beyond the Phoenix area and in solidifying Fuller’s reputation as a premier clinical training program in the state of Arizona.