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Fuller’s Core Commitments and Updates on the Future of Fuller: Changes to Fuller’s Educational Business Model

Proposed and recent changes to Fuller’s educational business model are both structural and programmatic. Structural changes include the decision to sustain the three school model but consolidate three deans into two: School of Psychology (SOP) and School of Intercultural Studies with the School of Theology (SIS/SOT). This will facilitate greater integration between the two schools (represented by accommodating degree changes) as well as administrative support cost, and also promote efficiency consolidation. The appointment of Amos Yong to the new combined SIS/SOT dean role has been enthusiastically approved. Programmatic changes include condensing master’s degree offerings from five to three, more flexibility in the SOT and SIS master’s programs, and changes to Spanish- and Korean-language degrees that include increased online offerings, possible cohort formats, and monitoring enrollment viability.

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