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Fuller’s Core Commitments and Updates on the Future of Fuller: Core Commitments

In order to have guiding principles around the challenge both to be a “new Fuller” in all the necessary ways when we arrive in our new spaces as well as to continue to be “the same Fuller” in equally important ways, the divisional leaders, mission advancement committee, the Future of Fuller Working Group, and a trustee executive committee crafted a document containing the following “core commitments.”

Core Ethos
A gospel-centered, multicultural, and global community. We commit to live out much more fully the new humanity brought into being by Christ’s reconciling work, seeking to embody this in all aspects of our common life—board, administration, faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

Core Partnership
The church in mission in the world. We commit through our faculty, staff, diversity centers, centers of innovation, students, and alumni to collaborate with the many expressions of Christ’s church in forming mature servant leaders.

Core Practice
Interpersonal education on multiple platforms. We commit to the vision that wherever in the world and through whatever method of learning—in cohorts, on campus, hybrid, online, or our own platform—students’ and learners’ experience of Fuller will be interpersonal, community-oriented, and informed by the relational heart of the gospel.

Core Offering
Scholarship at scale. We commit to further strengthen our support for research and scholarship, distributing its fruit in multiple languages, and doing so through academic and popular publications, excellent courses of study for graduate students, resources for learners through our centers and the Fuller Leadership Platform, and as a clear voice in the world through FULLER studio.

Core Distinctive
Three schools, one Fuller experience. We commit to maintain a high level of research in psychology, mission, and theology. All Fuller students and learners will be shaped by these three crucial perspectives, even as each school continues to strengthen its distinct contribution.

Core Policy
Operational sustainability and growing resources. We commit to disciplined use of our resources, through clear and consistent excellence in operations, as well as to expanding the financial resources available to our mission, in order to secure a sustainable future and an environment of thriving work and service.

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