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New Partnership Provides Free Mental Health Assistance to All Fuller Students in the US

WellConnect logoFuller Seminary has entered into a partnership to provide short-term emergency mental health and related assistance to all Fuller students and members of their immediate households located anywhere within the United States. These services, provided through WellConnect, will be offered in nearly 200 languages and available 24/7 via telephone, video conferencing, and in-person. Some of the services available to students through WellConnect include:

  • Short-term counseling (in-person, video conferencing, telephone, or text messaging), up to three sessions per issue
  • Crisis support/management (24/7 crisis hotline)
  • Community referrals (e.g., childcare, housing)
  • Free legal consultations
  • Free financial counseling
  • New parent coaching
  • Self-help/online resources including webinars and financial calculators
  • Student concerns consultation line for Fuller faculty and staff

WellConnect will complement the services already provided by Fuller’s mental health clinic, Fuller Psychological and Family Services (FPFS), which is located on the seminary’s Pasadena campus. FPFS has long provided face-to-face therapy services to School of Mission and Theology students in California, and added teletherapy options last summer. WellConnect broadens access to mental health support for all Fuller students residing in the United States. Staff and faculty will be able to refer students in crisis to WellConnect.

“The formation of emotionally healthy students is a very important part of Fuller’s mission,” said Ted Cosse, Fuller’s chief operating officer and dean of the School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy. “Our historical provision of low-cost therapy to Pasadena students through Fuller Psychological and Family Services, and now our partnership with WellConnect, are evidence of that. We are grateful to generous donors for making this partnership with WellConnect possible, and you will see more evidence of Fuller’s commitment to the emotional health of our students in the near future.”

WellConnect will launch on July 1, 2021.