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Chris Woznicki


PhD Systematic Theology, Center for Advanced Theological Studies

About Christopher

Christopher is a PhD student in systematic theology and is minoring in church history. He was a part of Fuller’s Analytic Theology Project. He has research interests in atonement, Christology, prayer, and Jonathan Edwards. His writings appear in CTJ, JRT, JETS, Philosophia Christ, and Themelios. In addition to his research he teaches undergraduate courses in Biblical studies. Prior to beginning his PhD he was the college ministry director at a church in Los Angeles. He currently serves in Young Life and helps train pastors in Latin America. He and his wife, Amelia, have a daughter named Shiloh.


Fuller Theological Seminay

Master of Arts in Theology

University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts

Research Interests

Analytic Theology, Atonement, Jonathan Edwards, Metaphysics, Prayer, T.F. Torrance, Theological Anthropology, Theology of California.


Published Papers

“What are we Doing When We Pray? Rekindling a Reformation Theology of Petitionary Prayer.” Calvin Theological Journal 53.2 (2018)

“Do we Believe in Consequences? Revisiting the “Incoherence Objection’ to Penal Substitution.” Neue Zeitschrift fur Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie 60.2 (2018)

“Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Account of Petitionary Prayer: A Reformation Alternative to Contemporary Two-Way Contingency Accounts.” Philosophia Christi 20.1 (2018)

“‘Thus Saith the Lord’: Edwardsean Anti-Criterialism and the Physicalist Problem of Resurrection Identity.” TheoLogica: An International Journal for Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology 2.1 (2018)

“Amo Ut Intelligam (I Love So that I May Understand): The Role of Love in T.F. Torrance’s Theological Epistemology.” The Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 35.2 (2017)

“Redeeming Edwards’s Doctrine of Hell: An ‘Edwardsean’ Account” in Themelios 42.2 (2017)

“Is Prayer Redundant? Calvin and the Early Reformers on the Problem of Petitionary Prayer.” The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 60.2 (2017)

“An Examination of Recent Philosophical Responses to Thomas McCall’s Argument Against Eternal Functional Subordination.” Evangelical Philosophical Society Web Articles (September 2016).

“Bad Books and The Glorious Trinity: Jonathan Edwards on the Sexual Holiness of the Church.” McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry vol. 16 (2015).

“The Son in the Hands of a Violent God: Assessing Trinitarian Violence in Jonathan Edwards’s Covenant of Redemption.” The Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 58.3 (2015).

“Miscellanies 96 and 279: What Does Hell Have to do With the Trinity?” The Miscellanies Reader. Edited by Robert Boss. JE Society Press, Fort Worth, TX. 2018. (Forthcoming)

“Identity” in The Encyclopedia of Jonathan Edwards. Edited by Harry S. Stout, Kenneth P. Minkema, and Adriaan Neele. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2017.

“Jonathan Edwards: America’s Theologian? A Latino Evaluation of Jonathan Edwards’s Hamartiology. ” A Collection of Essays on Jonathan Edwards. Edited by Matthew V. Everhard and Robert Boss. JE Society Press, Fort Worth, TX. 2016.

“The One and the Many: The Metaphysics of Human Nature in T.F. Torrance’s Doctrine of Atonement.” Journal of Reformed Theology (Forthcoming).

With Jesse Gentile, “Refocusing the Image: Domestic Violence, Refugees, and the Imago Dei in John Calvin’s Pastoral Theology.” McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry (Forthcoming).

Fuller Seminary hosts these profiles as a courtesy to our doctoral students. Their views are their own and do not necessary reflect the views of the seminary.