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2019 Missiology Lectures

Techno-Sapiens in a Networked Era: Becoming Digital Neighbors How does social media enable or constrain me in loving my (digital) neighbor? The 2019 Missiology Lectures will look at how social media shapes human interaction, and, more specifically, at the implications of social media platforms for cross-cultural or interreligious encounter. Join us for a gathering of…

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Fuller Theological Seminary is pleased to celebrate the accomplishments of its graduates with the 70th annual Commencement Ceremony SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 2019 10:00 A.M. LAKE AVENUE CHURCH 393 NORTH LAKE AVENUE PASADENA The service will last approximately two and a half hours. The auditorium will be open for admission at 9:00 a.m. for all guests. No…

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Fuller Northwest Community Celebration

Join us to celebrate God’s faithfulness to the Fuller Northwest community by acknowledging the loss of our campus presence in Seattle and celebrating the community that we pray will now grow and flourish in new ways. While we are grieved to see the physical campus space close at the end of this summer, we are…

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God’s Monsters

In the biblical imagination, the heavens are teeming with life—and it isn’t all angels singing. God is surrounded by hybrid creatures, vengeful spirits, divine hitmen, and other bizarre figures who commit remarkably violent acts, all in God’s employ. God is surrounded by an entourage of monsters. Many of these find their roots in the divine…

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Payton Lectures

The Self and Spirituality in Second Temple Judaism April 3-4, 2019 In the centuries following the destruction of the state of Judah, significant changes occurred in the religious culture of early Judaism as the nation reconstituted itself. While considerable attention has been paid to the developing role of the Torah and the emergence of new…

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