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Updates in Senior Leadership

For some time now at Fuller, we have been seeking to permanently fill two key positions: Provost and Dean for our School of Theology. We have been searching, and interviewing, with vigor over the last few years since these positions have been in flux—often coming close, and always with mutual agreement when a hire has not been forthcoming. Please know that our searches have been robust and have required hours and hours of unsung interview and communication time from faculty and administrators as we try to build the right team. Let me tell you what shape our leadership will take for this next season, while I express my gratitude to those who are stepping into acting, interim, or temporary roles as part of their devotion to Fuller and her mission in this time of disruption.

With much gratitude, I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Mari Clements will continue to serve as Acting Provost for the seminary.  She has done a very fine job in this role, not least as she also serves as our Accreditation Liaison Officer.  These are critically important roles and Dr. Clements carries these responsibilities to all our benefit as our search for a provost continues.

In January of 2018, our Board of Trustees moved to appoint Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson as Dean of the School of Theology as of July 1. Dr. Thompson has done a great job serving our School of Theology needs and interests in this transitional time, as well as the seminary as a whole, and now she will serve as dean even while (at her request) our search for a longer-term dean continues.

The latest addition to the senior leadership team at Fuller is Dr. Ted Cosse. Dr. Cosse will serve as Acting Dean of the School of Psychology while Dr. Clements, who was previously dean, serves as Acting Provost. Dr. Cosse received his PsyD from Fuller, and prior to embarking on doctoral studies, he had received his BS in chemical engineering from Michigan State University, earned his MBA from Case Western University, and had a long career in senior management at The Dow Chemical Company. Dr. Cosse became Executive Director of Fuller Psychological and Family Services in 2014, and under his leadership, FPFS has experienced unprecedented growth. In 2015, he was appointed to the School of Psychology faculty, where he has taught and chaired the PsyD program. Thus Dr. Cosse brings a track record in business, clinic, and academic program growth and development to this interim role.

I continue to be amazed at the way leadership across our community has stepped up to serve in roles sometimes temporary, sometimes unexpected, often difficult, and always gratefully appreciated. We have a challenging season ahead with potential for great opportunity. I look forward wholeheartedly to serving with this team as we prepare to move to Pomona, and all the changes that will be required of us as we face a new era of seminary education.

Grateful for these colleagues and their leadership during this time of change,

Mark Labberton