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About Fuller

Responding to rapid changes in the church and world, Fuller is transforming the seminary experience to create a global learning community where leaders can access premier theological training from wherever they are. Fuller’s distinctive integration of its four major disciplines––housed in the School of Mission and Theology and the School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy––uniquely equips graduates for innovative, nuanced, and intellectually grounded service in a variety of roles and settings. In short, Fuller is committed to providing indispensable, formational education for Christian leaders everywhere. The next President will join this movement at a moment of extraordinary opportunity.

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The School of Mission and Theology offers students indispensable education for effective leadership in vocations in ministry, missions, the marketplace, and beyond. This school’s rigorous master’s and doctoral programs provide training in theological reasoning, missiological perspectives, and biblical studies.

The School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy offers definitive training for psychologists and marriage and family therapists with Fuller’s distinctive integration of psychology and faith. Students in this school have opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research labs led by faculty, and receive the highest quality clinical training.


Fuller’s signature digital learning platform, FULLER Equip, provides non-degree-seeking learners access to practical and affordable resources for ministry training and faith formation, all created by Fuller experts and partners. With FULLER Equip, learners can draw from the rich resources of Fuller’s scholarship and expertise to deepen their faith, enhance their existing ministry, and even earn professional certificates.

FULLER studio

FULLER studio extends the seminary’s reach even further, drawing on the wealth of knowledge at Fuller to produce high-quality videos, podcasts, and articles, presented on an award-winning website. These free resources are available for any individuals and churches seeking a deeply formed spiritual life.

Oscar Garcia Johnson

We Are Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

Fuller intentionally hires faculty and staff who bring perspectives from various regions, countries, and cultures to their teaching, and who build curriculum on work from diverse voices. Through our four ethnic centers, as well as initiatives like the Global Research Institute and partnerships with other seminaries around the world, Fuller is committed to the trajectory of decentering Western theological education and joining the larger conversations happening across the globe.

We Are a Community of Exceptional Scholarship

Fuller’s outstanding faculty are influential scholars and leaders in their fields, publishing books and journal articles that are shaping conversations about biblical interpretation, neuropsychology, systematic theology, intercultural studies, therapeutic models, Christian ethics, and more. The centers and institutes at Fuller are hubs of innovative research and gathering places for change makers, from the Fuller Youth Institute, to the Center for Missiological Research, to the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and Arts.

Vince Bantu

Vince Bantu
Assistant Professor of Church History and Black Church Studies

Miyoung Yoon Hammer

Miyoung Yoon Hammer
Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Chair of the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy

Joel Green

Joel B. Green
Professor of New Testament Interpretation and Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies

We Are Blessed with Amazing Alumni and Partners

Fuller’s alumni and partners are changing the world for good through vocations across the spectrum––from ministry and business to counseling and intercultural work. Some of the the world’s greatest influencers received their education through Fuller Seminary or are informing our mission and work now.

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