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Record Corrections and Appeals


If a student needs to correct an error regarding their registration, they do not need to file an appeal. Instead, they should complete the Registration Adjustment Form. Formerly, this was the Academic Petition and the Add/Drop form. These two have now been combined into one. Once completed, the student should submit the form via their email account to the Registrar’s Office ([email protected]) for review and processing. Types of permissible corrections include:

  • Registration correction (# of units, wrong CRN)
  • Late add (student has approved extenuating circumstances)
  • Late drop (student did not ever participate in course and needs this removed from their record)
  • Late withdrawal (student has documented medical emergency and the deadline has already passed)
  • Withdrawal date correction (student has documentation which warrants an earlier withdrawal date than what is recorded)

If a student needs to correct an error regarding their tuition and/or a fee, the student should send an email to [email protected]. A staff member will review the error and contact the student regarding next steps. Types of permissible corrections include:

  • Late Fee
  • Incorrect Tuition Charge
  • Incorrect Fee Assessment


If a student does not require a correction but instead wishes to make an appeal, they should not complete the Registration Adjustment form or the Financial Appeal. Instead, they should follow the steps outlined in the Academic Complaint Process. Permissible appealable situations include those listed below. Appeals do not include concerns related to admissions decisions, accessibility, dismissal, discrimination, misconduct, or Title IX offenses.

  • Negative experience in a course (grading, attendance, course content, course organization, instructor responsiveness, or other such academic matters)
  • Request for a late incomplete (extenuating circumstances)
  • Withdrawal Date (outside of normal corrections based on documentation)
  • Tuition Adjustment - Student should contact [email protected] directly for assistance
  • Debt Owed to Institution - Student should contact [email protected] directly for assistance
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal - Student should complete the SAP Appeal form on the web for consideration
  • Cost of Attendance Appeal - Student should complete the COA Appeal form on the web for consideration
  • Scholarship Eligibility - Scholarships are managed by many departments and the student should revisit terms and conditions of the scholarship to determine ongoing eligibility.


Students should be aware that there are policies and regulations that are never appealable and will not be considered for review. These include:

  • Requests to extend or revoke an incomplete
  • Requests to drop a course for any reason other than never participating (life, work, ministry, change of plans, etc)
  • Requests to withdraw after the deadline (other than genuine emergencies)
  • Academic Probation
  • SAP Appeal Denied
  • Taxation Rules
  • Annual and Lifetime Loan Eligibility
  • Enrollment Hour Status
  • In-School Deferment Request
  • Timing of Refunds
  • Disbursement of Financial Aid