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Getting Ready for Registration

Here are some of the things you need to know to get ready for registering yourself online.

Set the Active Term for the session. Once you have logged into your account, you can see what term is currently active in the upper right corner of the screen, near your name, ID, and the date/time. This term will remain active until you log all the way out and log back in again, at which point you will be asked to select a term when that becomes relevant. If no term is active, you will see either a line of dashes, or nothing at all, depending on the particular page you are visiting.

Note: Whenever Student Accounts is running End-of-the-Month billing processes, Registration is turned OFF for several hours, and the only term available to be chosen will be a line of dashes. Check back later in the day and you should be able to continue on to register as normal.

Check the online Class Schedules page for your schedule options. Go back to it periodically to make sure you are aware of any additions, changes, or cancellations that may affect you. DO NOT work from a printed copy, which may be out of date right away.

Use the Online Registration Worksheet to plan and record the information you will need. You might want to keep several copies handy as you work out your schedule. List the classes you plan to take, and the information you will need to know when you log into your account through the Student Homepage to register. Be especially careful to note the correct CRN from the Online Schedule (see below about CRN's for classes not listed on the Online Schedule). Note whether there are any classes that will need an override (see below for examples). Please note that you will NOT be able to register for Audits online. See below for more information.

Consult with your academic advisor if needed. Your advisor is a great resource for information about your curriculum, recommended classes, class sequences, academic policies, registration limits (pass/fail limits, distance learning limits, etc.), and many other such things. However, most students are not required to see an advisor prior to registration. There are some cases when you may be required to consult with your advisor before you register to obtain a PIN or a CRN:

Special PIN: The following students are required to get a special PIN (Personal Identification Number) from their advisor, which will have to be entered when requested in order to register:

  • If you are on academic probation (whether admitted on probation or placed on probation later)
  • If you are a new student (first time registering in a particular program at Fuller)

CRN: You may need to obtain a CRN (Class Reference Number, the 5-digit number that you use to register for a class) from your advisor, if you plan to register for anything not listed with a CRN on the Online Schedule. This includes such things as:

  • Independent (directed) studies (approved Directed Study contract required)
  • Apprenticeships (approval notice from the Apprenticeships Department required)
  • Psychology practicum, internship, etc.
  • Thesis or Dissertation
  • Thesis or Dissertation Continuation
  • Program Continuation

Please note that the CRN is a unique identifier for each section of each class in each quarter. CRN's from one quarter will not work in another quarter, and even in the same quarter, CRN's represent not only different catalog numbers, but different professors, different meeting times (if applicable), different campuses or modes of delivery, and other such distinctions. The only safe source for CRN's is the Online Schedule or your academic advisor.

Overrides: You will need your advisor to enter an override in advance in order for you to register for classes which need some kind of approval. See the Online Schedule, especially the Notes. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Permission of Instructor (signed permission form required)
  • Permission of Advisor
  • Good academic standing required
  • Three years of cross-cultural ministry experience required
  • 24 units of missiology completed

Prerequisites. Prerequisites that you have met by Fuller coursework are accepted by the registration system automatically, including courses you are currently taking (we assume, for the moment, that you will pass them). However, you may need an override to register for a class which has a prerequisite, if you have taken that prerequisite in an earlier quarter and it is already on your transcript, but a passing grade has not yet been recorded for it (e.g., you have an Incomplete or Hold or other extension). Also, if you have met a prerequisite in any other way, you need to check with your advisor to make sure that this has been entered in your record. This includes prerequisites that have been met by:

  • Transfer credit
  • Waiver exams (e.g. Greek, Hebrew, New Testament 1, New Testament 2)
  • Waivers of requirements due to previous coursework, although not transferred

Classes in Spanish or Korean. If you are planning to register for a class listed as being taught in Spanish or Korean, and have not previously taken such a class at Fuller, you need to check with your advisor to make sure that your records indicate your ability to work in this language (whether native or acquired).

Make sure that there are no Holds that will keep you from registering. Once you've logged into your Fuller account, click on the Student tab. There you can check on any Holds (Student Account, Bookstore, Housing, Library, etc.) that would prevent registration, and get them resolved as early as possible. Be aware of situations that could result in Holds (e.g. late or missing payments), and check again shortly before registration if you have any reason for concern.

Check your Registration Status. Beginning about the sixth week of the quarter (two weeks before registration), you should click on the Student Tab, and follow the link to Registration. The first item in that menu will be Check Your Registration Status. This page will show you several things:

  • Your Registration Priority Day and Time - the time that registration becomes open for you, based on the number of units you have taken (including the current quarter and any transfer credit recorded). If you get the message that "You have no Priority Time Ticket", be sure that the Active Term is correct. Don't use a DM term, e.g. "Summer 2019 DM", unless you are a Doctor of Intercultural Studies student. Log all the way out and log back in to select the correct term.
  • Any Holds that would prevent registration
  • Any Overrides that have been entered by your advisor to allow you to register in classes which the Online Schedule lists as requiring permission of instructor or advisor or other conditions or restrictions that must be assessed by an advisor (see the section on Overrides above). Note that this does NOT include classes for which you get the CRN from the advisor. No Override is needed for such classes.


Here are a few more details you need to know about Online Registration:

No Add/Drop Fee. There is no Add/Drop fee for adding or dropping classes through Online Registration.

Deadlines. When you are doing registration transactions online, the end of a given day is 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time. The next day begins at 12:00 a.m. (midnight). To meet deadlines, such as those for registering, registering without a late registration fee, dropping classes, and withdrawing with various refund percentages, transactions must be completed by 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Time on the deadline date.

Audits. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, it is not possible at this time to register for audits through online registration. We hope to overcome this limitation, or develop a separate capability, as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you want to audit a class, you will have to use the new Audit Registration Form, available from your advising office or the Registrar's Office website, to register for an audit. For Pasadena campus classes, these registrations are not accepted until the second week of the quarter, and are processed on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis once the deadline for registration for credit for a given class has passed. Regional campus offices will accept the forms in advance, but will not be able to process them until the deadline for registration for credit for a given class has passed.

Grading System Changes. Changing a class between Graded or Pass/Fail grading can be done through Online Registration, but only through the end of the day Friday of the first week of the quarter. After that point, if the deadline for such a change still allows it (such as with intensive classes), you can have the change made by clicking a link on the registration page to send us an email. Please make sure that you are within your curriculum Pass/Fail limits before requesting such a change; consult with your advisor if you have any questions. We will not check your limits when we make the change, but if you exceed your limits, classes over the limit will revert to the grade the instructor submitted when this is discovered later. Remember, you are ultimately fully responsible for all registration transactions that you request.

Late Registration Fee. In order to avoid being charged the current Late Registration Fee, if your initial registration for any given quarter does not include a Regional Campus class, it must be completed by the end of the day before the first day of the quarter. This does not apply to any changes made to your schedule, only to initial registration for a quarter. This applies to both new and returning students, regardless of where you are registering (Pasadena, IDL, or Fuller Online classes), and regardless of when in the quarter your classes begin (including intensives). If your initial registration for a given quarter does  includes a Regional Campus class, and you are not a new student, you will be charged the current Late Registration Fee beginning Monday of the eleventh week of the previous quarter.

Waitlisting in Closed Classes. If a class you seek to register for is closed, you will get an error message and you will be offered the opportunity to be added to the waitlist. The message will indicated how many are already waitlisted ("003 Waitlisted" would mean you would be the fourth person on the waitlist if you added yourself right then). If you do not want to be Waitlisted for the class, you need not do anything. If you do want to be added to the waitlist, change the drop down item from "None" to "Waitlisted" and click on the button to submit the change. The screen will refresh, showing your status in the class as waitlisted. You can DROP this Waitlisted status at any time, and we encourage you to do so if you decide you do not want to take the class. Otherwise, if you remain on the Waitlist, and an opening occurs for which you are eligible, the Registrar's Office will add you without trying to contact you first (as long as there is no conflicting class, in which case, we will contact you by email). We will notify you that we have added the class using your email address. If you want to drop another class as a result of being added to a class from the Waitlist, it is up to you to drop the other class through Online Registration.

If after we have added you from the Waitlist you don't want the class, it is up to you to drop the class within the applicable deadlines in order to get a full refund. The fact that you may not be aware that you were added to the class because you did not check your schedule or your email is not a basis for an exception to drop and refund deadlines.


With Online Registration, whether or not you consult an advisor, you are the one making the final decision and actually processing your registration. Please remember that you, and you alone, are ultimately fully responsible for every detail of your registration. You are responsible to know your curriculum, any limitations in grading status, distance learning, time limits for the degree, what you have taken, deadlines for registration and changes, any academic policies that apply, and so on. We encourage you to consult your advisor regarding any such matters, but in the end, you are responsible.