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Electronic (PDF) Transcripts

Fuller Theological Seminary, in partnership with SCRIP-SAFE International, is able to provide a special service of secure electronic delivery of an official PDF copy of your transcript through  eScrip-Safe® to network recipients or outside the network to third parties.This service has the following benefits:

  • Secure availability of the transcript to its intended recipient the day we send it (or the next day, depending on time zones)
  • Email verification to you when the recipient has been notified that the transcript is available for downloading
  • Email notice to the recipient that there is a transcript waiting to be downloaded
  • Daily email reminders to the recipient (for up to 14 days) if the transcript is not downloaded and viewed
  • Email to you after 7 days if the transcript has not been viewed
  • Email to you when the transcript has been downloaded and viewed for the first time, including when it was viewed and by whom

There are two ways that your PDF transcript can be sent.

Network Delivery

To see if a school is on the eScrip-Safe® network, click here. Some schools may have multiple entries representing different offices. If you find an entry for the school and office to which you want to send your transcript, copy that entry in the appropriate place on the Transcript Request form. The list of network members is updated every Monday.

OneTime Delivery

If your intended recipient is not a network member, this method may be used. Receivers are designated and identified by you, the requestor, through the recipient's name (person, school, or organization) and the email address. Please make sure that you have the correct email address.

  • You should always notify your intended recipient they will be receiving important email messages regarding the electronic delivery of your transcript. To ensure delivery of these important email messages, please inform the recipient to add the domain name of to their safe-sender email list.
  • OneTime receivers must complete a simple registration for each transcript delivered through eSCRIP-SAFE. In addition, they must have a copy of Adobe Reader 7.0, or higher, which is free and easy to download, on their computer. The receiver has three options to retain the transcript: (1) save to a document imaging system; (2) save electronically as a PDF document; or (3) print to paper.
  • Your transcript is never delivered by email; email is limited to notification and reminder messages regarding the delivery of your transcript.
  • To use this method, include your recipient’s name (person, school, or organization) and email address on the Transcript Request form.


Basic Charge

  • Each PDF copy sent through eScrip-Safe®: $10.00

Additional charges for additional services

  • Emergency Service: Additional $5.00 per copy

Send or fax your request to:

The Registrar's Office
Fuller Theological Seminary
135 N Oakland Ave
Pasadena, CA  91182

FAX (626) 584-5564

For further information, call 626-584-5413 or send e-mail to

Transcript Request Form (requires free  Adobe Reader)