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Science, Theology, and Religion Initiatives

Ministry Leaders

Are you a Christian ministry professional? These resources demonstrate how science can enhance theological inquiry and insight. The tools below also train and support ministry leaders in cultivating science-informed theology and practice to serve and enrich the entire church.



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Thriving through Submission


In this article Justin Barrett reflects on the ways submission and humility contribute to thriving

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Liturgical Animals: What Psychology and Neuroscience Tell Us about Formation and Worship

Brad D. Strawn and Warren S. Brown

The question is not will humans love, but what will they love? The telos of that love is directed by the habits that are formed through the embodied liturgies

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Longitudinal Study of Religious and Spiritual Transformation in Adolescents Attending Young Life Summer Camp

Sarah A. Schnitker, Thomas J. Felke, Justin L. Barrett, Robert A. Emmons

Assessing adolescents spiritual transformation, well-being, and moral development while attending Young Life Summer Camps

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The Word Enfleshed Title

The Word Enfleshed

Matthew Bates

Oliver Crisp and host Matthew Bates discuss the eternal generation of the Son and the Trinity, the incarnation, the image of God, and more

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Oliver Crisp

A Unitive Vision of the Person and Work of Christ

Oliver Crisp talks about his book The Word Enfleshed, which tackles Christology and the atonement at the same time

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Mere Science Podcast

Mere Science and Christian Faith

God Talk

Greg Cootsona discusses his book Mere Science and Christian Faith, on today’s disconnect between science and faith

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Chris Woznicki

Careful Thinking on Behalf of the Church

FULLER studio

One of STAR’s research assistants, Chris Woznicki, reflects on analytic theology in practice

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Oliver Crisp


FULLER studio

Oliver Crisp reflects on what he's learned about prayer through his Analytic Theology grant

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Cynthia Eriksson


FULLER studio

Cynthia Eriksson argues that ministry is inherently an experience of mutual transformation and that vulnerability is key

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