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Science, Theology, and Religion Initiatives

Science Professionals

Do you work in a science- or technology-related field? The STAR Office provides educational opportunities to support the sophisticated integration of the Christian faith within a scientific vocation. These resources are meant to equip and support science professionals in advancing theologically informed science.

James Arcadi



Religion, Science, and Society

Daria Mendeleeva

Justin Barrett delivers lectures at Moscow State University discussing the view of cognitive science on how beliefs arise

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Negative Stereotypes Cause Christians
to Underperform In and Disidentify With Science

Kimberly Rios, Zhen Hadassah Cheng, Rebecca R. Totton, and Azim F. Shariff

Despite Christians being a religious majority in the United States, relatively few pursue higher education and careers in science

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Is the Human Mind Predisposed to Religious Thought?

AAAS Science for Seminaries Project, Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER)

Justin Barrett explores a question underlying the cognitive science of religion: Is the human mind predisposed to religious thought?

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Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology

Templeton Press

Justin Barrett introduces some of the major themes and questions raised in his book Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology

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