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  • Completed and signed Application for Admission, including:
    • Religious Autobiography and Ministry Experience Essays
    • A $75 nonrefundable application fee (if the application is submitted online) or a $100 nonrefundable application fee (if the application is submitted via paper)
  • Submission of official transcripts of all post-secondary schools attended (undergraduate and graduate coursework), including an ATS-approved Master of Divinity or its equivalent, or an accredited Master of Arts of a theological nature of at least 80 quarter units (54 semester units), with a cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.3 or above. Coursework must include one graduate course (4 quarter units/ 3 semester credits) in a behavioral or social science discipline (such as Cultural Anthropology) and sufficient academic exposure to the following subject areas (as evaluated by the Center for Missiological Research):
    • Mission Theology
    • Mission Practice
    • Mission History
    • Mission and Culture
    • Mission and Religion
    • Mission and Society
      • Applicants lacking up to 12 quarter units of graduate-level course work of a theological/missiological nature, or successful completion of a graduate level course in behavioral or social sciences (4 quarter units/ 3 semester credits), or sufficient exposure in up to three of the subject areas listed above may be admitted to the program on prerequisites pending status. An applicant admitted on prerequisites pending status may be required to take some additional coursework, such as a behavioral or social science course, and/or to read and provide up to three formal written reviews of selected key texts in the relevant subject area(s) before beginning 800-level coursework in the Fall Quarter. In cases where the Admissions Committee determines an applicant's proposed ThM research focus necessitates more preliminary study in a particular topic area, the Committee may stipulate additional prerequisite coursework at the point of admission.
  • Three reference forms: one pastoral and two academic
  • A 15- to 20-page academic writing sample
  • A 250-300 word Proposed Research Interest Statement (PRIS) Outline (download PRIS Outline Guidelines).Note: A match between interests of the applicant and strengths of our current Fuller faculty is a critical factor in admissions decisions.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English must provide an official record of scores earned on the Test of English as a Foreign Language ( TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) test. Only test scores earned within two years preceding the submission date of the applicant's current ThM application will be acceptable. TOEFL overall scores of at least 100 (internet-based) or 600 (paper), or IELTS overall scores of 7.0 meet the minimum English language entrance requirements. (Applicants who have previously completed a regionally-accredited Master's-level degree in English may submit a 300-400 word letter requesting to waive this requirement. The letter should provide a detailed explanation of the applicant's English-language background and a rationale for the waiver request. Letters requesting a waiver of the TOEFL/IELTS requirement may be emailed to Joel Short at [email protected] for the Center of Missiological Research's consideration.)
  • Please note: New ThM in Intercultural Studies program students start the program with a cohort in the Fall Quarter (unless taking prerequisites). Applicants who need to complete prerequisite coursework may apply to the Winter, Spring, or Summer quarters for this purpose. Applicants who do not need to complete prerequisites should apply for the Fall Quarter no later than April 15th.


Attending seminary is an investment in your future. We want to help you see more concretely what it costs to pursue a degree at Fuller, as well as the kinds of support available to you to potentially offset that cost. Click here to find average tuition for each of our programs, a cost estimator to help you calculate your approximate total expenses, and several questions and answers about your financial aid options with links to more information.