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Fuller Admissions

Wherever in the world you find yourself, Fuller is committed to fostering a learning environment that is interpersonal, community oriented, and informed by the relational heart of the gospel.

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Meet with an Admissions Counselor

Fuller is uniquely positioned with two schools maintaining a high level of research in psychology, mission, and theology. Students have the opportunity to learn from and be shaped by these three crucial perspectives, even as each school continues to strengthen its distinct contribution.

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Decide which program is right for you.


Pursuing an MDiv, MTS, MATM, MAC, the MAGML, DGL, PhD ICS, DMin, PhD, or other degree from the School of Mission and Theology will allow you to:

  • Study with theologians and missiologists who are influential and renowned in their disciplines
  • Engage in study and research closely linked to practical application
  • Be stretched through study that is both scholastically rigorous and biblically grounded

+ Explore School of Mission and Theology Programs

School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy

As you earn an MSMFT, DMFT, clinical PhD, or PsyD, you will:

  • Learn from scholars and practitioners who integrate faith through all their teaching
  • Access extensive training opportunities with close faculty supervision
  • Participate in leading research unmatched across Christian programs

+ Explore School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy Programs


Whether you choose to study online or on campus in Pasadena, Houston, or Phoenix, Fuller remains committed to providing world-class transformative learning. Some programs may be fully available online. Learn more about Fuller’s commitment to online education and what you will need to successfully complete your degree online.

How to Choose an Online Theology Degree

Online programs have major differences, and this guide helps you discern which is best for you.

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Check Admission Requirements

Once you have determined your desired program, review the specific requirements one must meet to apply for that degree, including prior education and coursework, testing, and the various materials you’ll need to provide, e.g. official transcripts and references.

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Apply Now

Get started on your path to becoming a Fuller student.
If you have any questions when navigating the application process, contact the Welcome Center and Student Service Desk. Chat Now with a representative.

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Paying for Grad School

Take a look at the costs associated with your program and research the financial resources available to you to cover those costs, including: scholarships, loans, work-study or other employment, or personal savings.

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What to Expect After You Apply

How long do I wait for a decision? When will I find out if I received a scholarship? When will I be able to register for classes? See answers to these frequently asked questions on our “What to Expect” page.

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Experience the Fuller Community

"The Fuller experience, as I have learned, is one of mutual enrichment – learning from others as they learn from you. A saying that you will often hear around Fuller is that our professors do not tell you what to believe, as much as they help train you how to believe. In this way, Fuller—in light of the witness and wisdom of Scripture—works to integrate your doctrinal notions with the way you actually live in the world.

As a part of the Fuller community, you get to squarely face the challenges that the fields of theology, intercultural studies, and psychology must address for today’s church and world. I am certain that a Fuller education will not give you all of the answers, but I am confident it will form you into a lifelong learner who asks the right questions." - Max Wedel, Alumnus

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