Transcript Policies and Services

Our goal is to provide quick, reliable, low-cost service to the many people who request their Fuller transcripts each year. To accomplish this, those desiring special services are responsible for the extra costs incurred.

What's Included

The transcript of your official permanent academic record includes all work ever done for academic credit at Fuller. It covers all degree programs. Separate transcripts are not available for individual degree programs or calendar periods. Only the complete transcript is issued. Audit enrollments are recorded until the Winter Quarter of 1987. Beginning with that quarter, they were no longer recorded on the transcript. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are not a part of your academic record, and therefore do not appear on your transcript. We do not provide unofficial transcripts.  Courses registered and grades received in a given quarter will not appear on your transcript until about three weeks after the end of the quarter. Degrees may not be posted for ten weeks or more after the end of the quarter. To keep costs low, we do not hold requests until various conditions are met, such as the changing or posting of grades or degrees. Please check your transcript online using the Student Records Menu link (login required), and submit your transcript request when you know that all the grades you are expecting have been posted and/or that a degree has been posted. You are responsible for determining that your transcript is ready to be sent. Your transcript request will be processed when we receive it.

Normal Service

Transcripts will normally be sent (or be ready for pickup) by the end of the second working day after the day we receive your request. For example, if we receive your request on Monday, regular service means we will send your transcript by the end of the day Wednesday. Always get your request to us as early as possible to avoid delays, extra charges, and possible disappointment.

Emergency Service

Emergency Service is usually available at additional cost (see below). Emergency Service charges apply when you want us guarantee to have a transcript ready to be picked up or sent earlier than the time described under Normal Service above. If your need is urgent, contact the Registrar’s Office to see if Emergency Service will be necessary and available before sending us your request.


Normally, paper transcripts are sent by USPS first-class mail. USPS Priority Mail is available as an option at additional cost. Fuller cannot assume responsibility for mail not delivered to its intended destination. Our Emergency Service charges also apply if you want the transcripts to leave our office sooner than provided for under Normal Service (see above).

Electronic (PDF) Transcripts

A special service of secure electronic delivery of an official PDF copy of your transcript is available through eScrip-Safe®. A notification that your transcript is available for secure download is emailed to an eScrip-Safe® network member institution or to an email address that you specify. You will receive an email when the transcript is sent, and when the transcript is downloaded and opened. For more information, click here.


Transcripts will not be issued unless admission has been finalized. Also, the Seminary is not obligated to furnish a transcript to any student or former student whose financial obligations to the Seminary have not been satisfied.

Charges and Payment

There is a basic charge for each transcript copy (see below). There are no free copies, and no reduced charges when multiple copies are requested at the same time. Appropriate payment for all charges is required in order to fulfill your request. If payment is not received with this request or in advance through our online payment system, no transcript can be issued until payment is received. We cannot charge student accounts or access any credit that may exist there. In order to keep the cost of this service minimal, we do not maintain a billing system. After completing your request and calculating the appropriate charges, pay online with a credit card, or make checks payable to Fuller Seminary. We cannot accept responsibility for cash sent through the mail. Cash may be used when paying in person. Please calculate your charges carefully and pay accordingly. Inadequate payment may delay your transcript while we contact you for additional payment.

Transcripts From Other Schools

We're sorry, but copies of transcripts (even unofficial copies) of credit earned at other institutions are not available from Fuller Theological Seminary. You must address such requests directly to the institutions which granted the credit. We suggest you plan ahead and always have several copies of your transcripts from other schools you attended on hand.

How to Request

You can complete a Transcript Request form in our office in Pasadena or at any Regional Campus office, or download, print, and complete the Transcript Request form from the link below (complete one copy for each different address to which transcripts are to be sent) and bring or mail it to the Registrar’s Office. You may fax or scan and email this Transcript Request form as long as proper online payment has been made. The Registrar’s Office fax number is (626) 584-5564. We regret that requests cannot be accepted by telephone or e-mail at the present time (due to provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). We must have your written signature as part of the request.


Basic Charge

  • Each copy mailed to an address in the United States or Canada: $5.00
  • Each copy mailed to an address outside the United States or Canada: $10.00
  • Each PDF copy sent through eScrip-Safe®: $10.00

Additional charges for additional services

  • Emergency Service: Additional $5.00 per copy
  • USPS Priority mail delivery: Additional $5.00 per copy

Send or fax your request to:

The Registrar's Office
Fuller Theological Seminary
135 N Oakland Ave
Pasadena, CA  91182

FAX (626) 584-5564

For further information (no transcript requests), call 626-584-5413 or send e-mail to

Transcript Request Form (requires free  Adobe Reader)