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Nancey Murphy

Senior Professor of Christian Philosophy

As senior faculty at Fuller, this professor primarily mentors students and only occasionally, if ever, teaches courses.

BA, Creighton University
PhD, University of California at Berkeley
ThD, Graduate Theological Union

Courses Taught

ET849/549: Theology and Science of Virtue
PH514: Topics in Philosophy of Religion
PH530: Anglo-American Postmodernity
PH543: Philosophical Issues in Theology and Science
PH560: Philosophical Ethics
PH802: Portraits of Human Nature
PH833/533: Sources of Modern Atheism
PH835/535: Science, Philosophy, and Christian Anthropology
PH852/552 Methods in Philosophy
PH861/561: Readings in Alasdair MacIntyre
ST829: Theological Method
TH806/PH548: Theological Uses of Postmodern Philosophy

Campus Affiliations

Center for Advanced Theological Studies

Areas of Expertise

Anglo-American postmodern philosophy, theology and science, philosophy of mind, neuroscience

“The nonreductive physicalist account of nature needs to be completed by a theological account in which descriptions of divine action supervene on descriptions of natural and historical events, but without being reducible to them.”


Dr. Murphy, in her book Whatever Happened to the Soul? Explore a variety of voices on the intersection of faith and science, available here.


Nancey Murphy joined the Fuller faculty in 1989 and serves as professor of Christian philosophy. She is highly sought as a speaker at national and international conferences on philosophy and the relationship between theology and science. Murphy serves on the board of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley, and is a member of the Planning Committee for conferences on science and theology sponsored by the Vatican Observatory. 

A prolific writer, Murphy has published numerous articles in journals of theology, philosophy, and science. Her first book, Theology in the Age of Scientific Reasoning, received awards from the Templeton Foundation and the American Academy of Religion. Most recently she coedited Human Identity at the Intersection of Science, Technology, and Religion (with C. Knight, 2010), Downward Causation and the Neurobiology of Free Will (with G. F. R. Ellis and T. O’Connor, 2009), and contributed to The New Yoder (2010), Science and Religion in Dialogue (2010), and Philosophy of Religion, Physics and Psychology: Essays in Honor of Adolf Grunbaum (2009). Other recent publications include Philosophy, Science, and Divine Action (coedited with L. Schultz and R. J. Russell, 2009), Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action: Twenty Years of Challenge and Progress (coedited with R. J. Russell and W. Stoeger, SJ, 2008), Did My Neurons Make Me Do It? Philosophical and Neurobiological Perspectives on Moral Responsibility and Free Will (coauthored with W. S. Brown, 2007), Physics and Cosmology: Scientific Perspectives on the Problem of Natural Evil (coedited with R. Russell and W. Stoeger, SJ, 2007), Evolution and Emergence: Systems, Organisms, Persons (coedited with W. Stoeger, SJ, 2007), and Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies? (2006). 

Murphy serves as an editorial advisor for numerous publishers and journals. She is an adjunct professor at the International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague, and is an ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren.

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