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Nancey Murphy

Senior Professor of Christian Philosophy

As senior faculty at Fuller, this professor primarily mentors students and only occasionally, if ever, teaches courses.

BA, Creighton UniversityPhD, University of California at BerkeleyThD, Graduate Theological Union

Courses Taught

ET849/549: Theology and Science of VirtuePH514: Topics in Philosophy of ReligionPH530: Anglo-American PostmodernityPH543: Philosophical Issues in Theology and SciencePH560: Philosophical EthicsPH802: Portraits of Human NaturePH833/533: Sources of Modern A

Campus Affiliations

Center for Advanced Theological Studies

Areas of Expertise

Anglo-American postmodern philosophy, theology and science, philosophy of mind, neuroscience

“The nonreductive physicalist account of nature needs to be completed by a theological account in which descriptions of divine action supervene on descriptions of natural and historical events, but without being reducible to them. We need to conceive of t


Dr. Murphy, in her book Whatever Happened to the Soul? Explore a variety of voices on the intersection of faith and science, available here.


Nancey Murphy joined the Fuller faculty in 1989 and now serves as senior professor of Christian philosophy. She is highly sought as a speaker at national and international conferences on philosophy and the relationship between theology and science. Murphy

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