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Siang-Yang Tan

Senior Professor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology Department

As senior faculty at Fuller, this professor primarily mentors students and only occasionally, if ever, teaches courses.

BA, McGill UniversityPhD, McGill University

Courses Taught

PC819: Clinical Interventions: Cognitive and Behavioral TherapyPC832: Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Health PsychologyPG560/860: Training Lay Counselors in the ChurchPI500/800: Introduction to IntegrationPI806: Advanced IntegrationPI817: Foundations of

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive-behavioral therapy of anxiety, anger, and depression; behavioral medicine/health psychology; paraprofessional/lay counseling; cross-cultural psychology and counseling; integration of psychology and the Christian faith; spiritual disciplines and

“When the Spirit is involved in Christian counseling, we can expect that the therapist will evidence the fruit of the Spirit toward his or her clients and that the outcome of the therapy will be a person who is more and more exhibiting Christlike fruit. S


Dr. Siang-Yang, in an interview on the role of the Holy Spirit in therapy, available here.


Rev. Dr. Siang-Yang Tan was director of the PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) program in clinical psychology (1989–1997) and is now senior professor of psychology in the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. He is

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