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fuller logo

Logo and Brand Identity

The core of the Fuller Seminary logo identity is the icon, around which the framework for an identification system has been created. At the center of the icon is a three-paged book. The pages of the book form a stylized “F” shape, reinforcing the word “Fuller” and its biblical roots. The two dominant colored pages of Midnight and Amber represent Fuller’s dual commitment to scholarship and the Bible, against the solid background representing the foundation of Christ in all things. The icon also evokes a feeling of movement, portraying how students take what they have learned at Fuller and share it with the world.


Within the identity system, the dominant type treatment provides the focal point for recognition. Both the size and placement of the Fuller Theological Seminary name in relation to the icon and other design elements enhance immediate recognition. The typeface selected has the merit of serif characters that are very readable and inviting at any size. The characters appear in all uppercase to further communicate a sense of strength and a solid foundation.