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William E. Pannell Center

Resources for the Community

Browse Pannell Center articles, videos, and podcasts. Our resources gather the insights of scholars and practitioners for your work and ministry in and outside of the church. For additional resources, visit the David Allan Hubard Library’s Pannell Center Resource Page.

Dwight Radcliff speaking at 2020 MLK Celebration

A Legacy of Black Church Leaders and Scholars

In honor of the Pannell Center’s 50th anniversary, past and present staff look back on the center’s history of forming Black leaders for the church and beyond, while looking forward with hope for what lies ahead.

Introductions to the Books of the Bible

Introduction to Joshua

Dr. Vince Bantu introduces Joshua, reflecting on God’s promises and on how God’s people find both strength and rest in him.

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Introduction to Esther

Dr. Alexis Abernethy introduces Esther, highlighting the many ways that Esther exemplifies the qualities of a good and inspirational leader.

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Introduction to Joel

Dr. Tina Armstrong introduces Joel and its message of hope, that God rescues his people from despair and offers an “afterward” to pain and loss.

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Introduction to Amos and Obadiah

Dr. Dwight Radcliff introduces Amos and Obadiah, deeply human books that speak strong words about coming judgement while also emphasizing God’s care and concern for all people.

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2023 MLKJ Celebration Events

MLKJ Gospel Concert

We are pleased to share the events from The 2023 MLKJ Celebration that are now available to watch on YouTube.

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“Agents of Reconciliation, Renewal and Healing” by Brenda Salter McNeil

Brenda Salter McNeil speaks about the church’s need for prophetic leadership—as well as the necessity of humility in the work of reconciliation.

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The Hounds of Hell in Context - Panel

The academic deans of Fuller’s ethnic centers—Alexia Salvatierra, Daniel D. Lee, Ping-Cheung “PC” Lo, Sebastian C. H. Kim, and Dwight Radcliff—discuss how fear and hatred impact marginalized communities in various contexts around the world, and what can be done about it.

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The Children of the Disinherited - Panel

Sarah Farmer, Ahren Martinez, Will Lewis, and Cedric Williams reflect on the ways children and youth must be supported in the face of marginalization and oppression, in this panel discussion moderated by Trey Clark.

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Hip Hop Hermeneutic

Dwight Radcliff, director of the Pannell Center, explores the history of the African American church and Hip Hop as a lens for interpreting Scripture

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Bridges and Marchers

Quotes from Fuller Seminary’s “Do Black Lives Really Matter?” panel trace a narrative arc from suffering to hope

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Forgiveness and Justice: Two Keys to Reconciliation

Ethicist Hak Joon Lee refutes evangelicals who think forgiveness alone is sufficient in achieving reconciliation

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Working Together Toward Racial Reconciliation

Professors Joy Moore and Bill Pannell together offer comments on reconciling race

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Living Legends Banquet

Celebrating 50 years of the William E. Pannell Center for Black Church Studies

FULLER dialogues: Theology and Protest

African American leaders in the church, the community, and academia, in conversation with Dwight Radcliff, academic dean for the Pannell Center, discussed their work of activism and advocacy toward justice, as well as the theologies that drive protest.

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FULLER dialogues: Black Public Theology

Leaders from the Black academy and the Black church explore ways to foster greater interaction between Black theology and the Black church and community

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Can “White” People be Saved: Reflections on Missions and Whiteness

Yale professor Willie Jennings discusses “whiteness” as a sociocultural framework in which missions developed and imperialized the locations on which it descended, and offers a way to uncouple Christian faith from whiteness

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Conversing: Dwight Radcliff on Black Pain

Dwight Radcliff, assistant provost for the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies, speaks about the systems of oppression and generational trauma that plague Black communities and challenges the church to own a theology that responds rightly to suffering rather than dismissing it.

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Conversing: David Bailey on Reconciliation

David Bailey, founder and executive director of Arrabon, shares about his work in racial reconciliation and the need for the church to repair society’s broken systems

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Conversing: Willie Jennings on Race

Yale professor Willie Jennings discusses race with President Mark Labberton and reframes fraught social problems around a theology of place

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John M. Perkins on Legacy

Civil rights activist John M. Perkins talks with President Mark Labberton about the role of protest in a life of faith and how he supports a new generation of leaders advocating for social change

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