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Chinese Christian Formation for the World

Bringing together Chinese Christians from around the world, the Chinese Studies Center surges with synergy, enabling cross-cultural exchanges within the worldwide Chinese church, from which all receive strength and inspiration.

Teaching in China

Integratively Stewarding the Chinese Church Worldwide

The Chinese Studies Center serves the multi-cultural, local/global Chinese church as a place for

  • Coordination of student scholarships
  • Development of courses, graduate program initiatives, research and scholarship
  • Mentoring, fellowship and prayer
  • Collaboration with Chinese churches, seminaries, mission and alumni organizations
  • Annual conferences, drawing seminarians and scholars from around the world


Recognizing the growing local and global significance of the Chinese church, the heart of the Chinese Studies Center is to gather together Chinese Christians from different cultural contexts, including mainland China, to learn, cultivate ministry skills, and grow in Christian fellowship in a manner that brings healing, reconciliation, and the offering of the Chinese church’s gifts to the worldwide body of Christ. Apply at

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China Initiative

China Studies Center Databases

The Chinese Studies Center is constructing a number of databases on Chinese Christian resources. We are currently compiling information on Chinese Fuller graduates and their current vocations, worldwide seminaries offering Chinese-based instruction, and more. We hope to be able to make these available soon.

China Related Publications

Culture, attachment, and spirituality: Indigenous, ideological and international perspectives

Explore the question of whether a more communal style of attachment is related to a more social version of religion.

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Supporting pastoral psychology in China: Methods and principles

A report on the recent developments in formal pastoral psychology in China and a review of the needs of pastoral care and challenges encountered in empowering pastoral psychologists in China.
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Pastoral Psychology

Although Confucianism is not generally considered a religion in China, the interrelation of psychology and morality is evident in Confucius’ sayings
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Attitudes Toward Religion Scale: Development and Initial Psychometric Evaluation among Chinese College Students

The Attitudes Toward Religion Scale (ATRS) was developed to access the level of interest in and position toward the five state-approved religions in China.
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Chinese psychology of religion measures: A systematic review and best practice guidelines

This systematic review identified scale development and psychometric evaluation articles in the field of Chinese psychology of religion (PR).
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Profiles of acculturative adjustment patterns among Chinese international students

This is the first study to empirically identify distinct acculturative adjustment patterns of new international students over their first 3 semesters in the United States.
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Interpersonal problems and acculturative stress over time among Chinese international students from Mainland China and Taiwan

This study focused on examining the role of interpersonal problems on Chinese international students' acculturative stress.
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Religious Cognition in China: Homo Religiosus and the Dragon

This volume revisits the “naturalness" of religious thought through new studies examining the psychological foundations of religious and spiritual expression in historical and contemporary China.
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Professor Ping-cheung Lo 羅秉祥教授
Academic Dean 學術主任

Mrs. Millie Yeung 楊梁玉萍女士
Administrative Assistant 行政助理


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