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Faith Seeking Both Understanding and Action | 以知明信,以行體信

Recognizing the growing local and global significance of the Chinese church, the purpose of the Chinese Studies Center is to gather Chinese Christians from different cultural contexts to pursue academic excellence, to cultivate ministry skills, and to grow in Christian fellowship that brings healing and reconciliation, as well as to offer the Chinese church’s gifts to the worldwide body of Christ.

The Ark of the Convenant 01new He QiNurturing Students

The Chinese Studies Center aims to assist and support all Fuller students who use the Chinese language and/or will serve in a Chinese language setting, regardless of one’s nationality and ethnicity, through the following endeavors:

  • Providing academic advice on contextualizing one’s study (theological, missiological, psychological, marital-familial) in the Chinese ecclesial, intellectual, cultural, and social contexts
  • Hosting Chinese-language and Chinese-English bi-lingual lectures, talks, seminars, and conferences to enrich students’ understanding of the Chinese churches, culture, and society
  • Organizing formational and mentoring groups (pastoral track, academic track, and therapy track) so that students can relate what they learn at Fuller with the Chinese ecclesial contexts
  • Facilitating mutual understanding among Chinese-speaking students of diverse social-political backgrounds, and between the Chinese-speaking students and other ethnic students at Fuller through joint events and activities
  • Encouraging and empowering Chinese students joining campus-wide conversations
  • Collaborating with the Chinese student fellowship and other student clubs on various activities and initiatives
  • Coordinating scholarships, internships, and Optional Professional Training (OPT) opportunities

Visitation new 00 He Qi

Fostering Community

The Chinese Studies Center at Fuller contributes to the cultivation of a rich community of intercultural understanding at Fuller through the following endeavors:

  • Organizing English-language lectures, talks, seminars, and conferences to enrich the seminary’s understanding of the diversified global Chinese churches and Chinese theologies
  • Articulating an Asian voice in assisting Fuller’s understanding of the world and mission to the world
  • Hosting social-cultural events (e.g. Lunar New Year banquet) to enhance a multicultural sense of community

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Serving Fuller Students Around the World

The Chinese Studies Center at Fuller is committed to reaching students globally, and to cultivating community and partnership among Fuller students, alumni, and other Chinese Christian leaders in both local and global contexts through the following endeavors:

  • Collaborating and partnering with Chinese churches and seminaries in the Greater Los Angeles area through joint-seminary student events
  • Organizing regular cross-institutional Chinese seminarians’ gatherings in the Greater Los Angeles area
  • Helping to cultivate future Christian leaders in the worldwide Chinese church
  • Assisting in forming Fuller Chinese Alumni Associations globally and tapping into their support
  • Conducting regular meetings with Chinese online students in fostering an online community
  • Offering in-person lectures or intensive courses to online students when our faculty travels to regional hubs (e.g., Hong Kong, Taiwan), which local seminarians can audit
  • Helping to bring the rich resources at Fuller (e.g., FULLER Equip) to the global Chinese church
  • Assembling a global Chinese-language research team and meeting annually to foster research and publication that enriches the global Chinese church

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Featured Faculty

The Chinese Studies Center’s widely respected faculty combine decades of expertise in cross-cultural ethics, Chinese contextual theology, intercultural communication, psychology, urban mission and ministry, and more.

Ping-cheung “PC” Lo

Chloe Sun

Kenneth T. Wang

Enoch Jinsik Kim

Joey Fung

David C. Wang

Diane Obenchain

Amos Yong

Old Testament Ethics, Book by Book

In this new video series, the Chinese Studies Center guides viewers book-by-book through the Old Testament.

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Ping-cheung "PC" Lo 羅秉祥教授
Academic Dean 主任

Chloe Sun 謝挺博士
Program Director 副主任

Millie Yeung 楊梁玉萍女士
Administrative Assistant 行政助理


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