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Save the Date

Save the Date for the 2021 Missiology Lectures held October 27-29, 2021.

Re-visioning the Mission of Health: A Global Invitation to Heal and Thrive in Crisis

The church has been engaged in healing since its inception, although understandings of health have shifted significantly over the centuries. The 21st-century global health crises call the church to once again examine and redefine its role. The 2021 Missiology Lectures will be a global, multidisciplinary exploration of the mission of creating healthy individuals, families, communities, and societies, and the church’s role in this process. Fuller Theological Seminary brings the School of Intercultural Studies’ ongoing commitment to global church dialogue and the holistic research led by the Thrive Center of our School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy to this task. This will be an online conference with regional gatherings/nodes for networking, including an in-person gathering in Pasadena.

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