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international money transfer


Fuller Theological Seminary has partnered with Transfermate to serve as an International Payment Portal to provide you with an easy and secure method to make payments from your home country. This portal allows you to save on bank fees and exchange rates, access multilingual customer support, and track your payment from start to finish. You may also use Flywire to make payments as well. For instructions on how to make payments and receive refunds via Transfermate, and to make payments via Flywire, please view the instructions below.

Transfermate Payment Instructions:
- To make a payment, go to the Online Student Portal and select “Student Account Center”
- Select "Make a Payment"
- When selecting your method of payment, select "TransferMate INTL"
- You'll receive a very competitive exchange rate and details our local bank account to send us the payment
- Once funds are received by TransferMate, these funds are immediately transferred to the university from our local bank account in the U.S

Clicking the icon above will take you to the Transfermate portal to initiate an international payment

Transfermate Refund Registration:
- If you are an international student residing outside of the United States and do not have an ABA approved bank, you can use this form to request that your refund be processed as an international electronic transfer of funds via TransferMate.
- Once the form is submitted, your international banking information will be added to the database within 48 hours. If your account has a credit balance, the funds will be sent via TransferMate, using the banking information you provide.

Flywire Payment Instructions:
- Go to
- Select your country of origin and choose your preferred payment method. Options include bank transfer, debit/credit cards, or other local payment options depending on your country.
- Follow the instructions provided and track your payment via email/ text notifications

For any questions, contact the multilingual, round-the-clock Customer Support Team via live-chat on the Flywire portal, email [email protected], phone or other methods are available at

Clicking the icon above will take you to the Flywire website to initiate an international payment