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Emergency Information Update


Please follow the instructions below to update your contact information with the seminary. This will also update the contact information used by the Emergency Notification System, as indicated below.

For students:

  1. On the Current Students page, click on "My Student Info"
  2. Log In with your Fuller ID (if needed)
  3. Make sure you are on the "Personal Information" tab, accessible by clicking on “My Student Info”
  4. Click "Update Address(es) and Phone(s)"
  5. Enter your new contact information
  6. Click “Update Emergency Contacts”
    • Please note, your emergency contact information may sometimes be used for emergency notification purposes.
  7. Enter your new emergency contact information
  8. Contact the Registrar’s Office (626-584-5408) if you need further assistance

For employees:

  1. Login to HR Self Service
  2. Under the “Myself” tab, select “Profile” under the “My Information” section
  3. Click “View More” under “Personal Information” to update your personal contact information and then click "Save."
  4. Follow the prompts under “Emergency Contacts” to edit, delete, or add emergency contact information.
    • Note that the Emergency Contacts information in HR Self Service will not be used for emergency notifications. Instead, if you would like your emergency contacts to receive emergency notifications, please follow the student instructions above.
  5. Contact Human Resources if you need further assistance