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Erik Aasland

Affiliate Assistant Professor of Anthropology

PhD (Fuller Theological Seminary)
MDiv (Bethel University)
MPH (University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)
BA (St. Olaf College)


Dr. Erik Aasland is Affiliate Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the School of Mission and Theology where he teaches anthropology and research methods. He lived in Central Asia with his wife and four kids for fifteen years. Working towards his PhD, he carried out five years of doctoral field research in Kazakhstan concerning proverbs. He is a folklorist specializing in ethnography, orality, and corpus linguistics.


Erik has published most recently in Proverbium: Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship on contrasting discourse ecologies for two Kazakh proverbial calls to action. He has also published in Western Folklore on proverb pragmatics and in Folklore about use of Kazakh proverbs for branding Islam in Kazakhstan. He is currently working on a book entitled Understanding Communication and Culture Through Logic, Narrative, and Wisdom.