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Leslie Sherlin

Affiliate Professor, School of Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy

PhD, Sport Psychology (Capella University)
PhD, Psychology (Capella University)
PhD (Colorado Theological Seminary)
MAC (Ottawa University)
MAC (Capella University)
MA (Academy of Art University)
BA (University of Tennessee)


Dr. Leslie Sherlin, a renowned expert in neuroscience and performance psychology, excels in blending clinical practice, research, and teaching. He holds multiple doctorate degrees and masters degrees in mental health and arts. Sherlin has collaborated with elite organizations like Red Bull, USA Track & Field, and professional teams enhancing human performance. A licensed counselor and professor, he contributes significantly to academic and professional fields, holding leadership roles in neuroscience societies and being widely recognized in media and academic circles.


Dr. Leslie Sherlin’s publications showcase his extensive work in neuroscience, particularly in the context of performance enhancement and mental health. His research spans diverse areas including the use of neurofeedback and biofeedback in clinical settings, the impact of psychological concepts like grit and growth mindset in counseling, and the exploration of EEG patterns in pain management and neurological disorders. His work also delves into the application of these techniques in sports psychology, emphasizing their role in enhancing athletic performance. Through these studies, Sherlin contributes significantly to our understanding of the brain’s role in physical and mental health.