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Michael Wingert

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Old Testament

PhD, University of California Los Angeles


Michael Wingert is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary where he is currently teaching Introductory and Intermediate Akkadian. His research focuses on ancient medicine, Semitic scripture and literature, the philosophy of language, and the philological background to Semitic languages in contact with neighboring speech communities. Dr. Wingert completed his PhD at UCLA and is a graduate of Fuller’s Ancient Near East program. In addition to ancient Near Eastern and Hebrew Bible studies, Wingert is also an expert in Syriac and speaks modern Syriac (Neo-Aramaic) at home. More recently, Wingert has contributed to the development of Agora University, an institution of higher education serving Eastern Christians in the diaspora.


Dr. Wingert is the author of several publications addressing the ancient Near East, Hebrew Bible, and Syriac Christianity. These include the recently released chapter “Ancient Near Eastern Literary Influences on the Hebrew Bible,” in the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Ancient Near Eastern Languages, “In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate: Repurposing a Trinitarian Invocation in Light of the Principle of Textual Attraction to Exodus 34:6,” an article published in the Alexandria School Journal, and a forthcoming article on the Syriac version of the life of St. Shenouda in Coptica.