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Seon Mook Shin

Seonmook Shin

Affiliate Associate Professor of Missiology and Leadership

D.Miss, Fuller Theological Seminary
Th.M, Fuller Theological Seminary
MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary
MA, Sungkyunkwan University
BA, Sungkyunkwan University


Dr. Seonmook Shin has taught Leadership Development and Strategic Application at Fuller since 2002. Originally from Korea, he has lived in Southern California for over 30 years. Dr. Shin has also served World Mission University (CA) for more than 20 years as Leadership Professor and Educational Administrator. He is currently serving as Vice President in Academics at WMU. His mission is to help Christian leaders enjoy the intimacy with God and fulfill God-given life purpose under the Grace of God. He enjoys learning, writing and swimming. He and his wife Yoona, has 2 children: James and Hannah.


Dr. Shin is the author of Grace Driven Change 은혜가 이끄는 변화 (Worship Leader 2019) and Toward the Blessed Life 하나님과 함께 하는 행복의 길 (좋은 땅 2021)