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Fuller Endowment

What is the Fuller Endowment?

The Fuller Endowment refers to donations of money or other assets that are invested over time and generate a steady, reliable source of financial support for the seminary. Each year, a portion of the endowment’s investment income is used for strategic activities or programs consistent with donor wishes.

What difference can you make by investing in the endowment?

Over the years, donors like you have established hundreds of endowed funds for scholarships, fellowships, professorships, and many other purposes. When you give to the endowment, you do more than provide financial support: You empower people.

Students can delve more deeply into their studies, grappling honestly with the challenges of this era so they may better understand and engage in God’s work in the world. Faculty can take their scholarship to the next level and deliver the rigorous theological education we’re known for—from generation to generation—without losing touch with our evangelical identity. And more than 40,000 alumni and friends around the world who want education can access Fuller’s curriculum and resources, wherever they are.

Dave Worth Giving

“Change is everywhere, and congregations old and new are trying to figure out a way toward the future. We’ve all been beneficiaries of others—people who helped us get where we are. And now we can be those people for others.”

Dave Worth (Doctor of Ministry ’82)

To learn how you can empower more people through endowment giving, please contact Todd Derrick at 626.792.3232, ext. 114 or [email protected].