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John Goldingay

Professor of Old Testament and David Allan Hubbard Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

BA, University of Oxford
PhD, University of Nottingham
DD, Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth

Courses Taught

OT500: Introduction to the Old Testament

OT517: Isaiah

OT517: Psalms

OT556: Old Testament Hermeneutics

OT551: Old Testament Ethics

BI500: Interpretive Practices

Campus Affiliations

Areas of Expertise

Isaiah, Psalms, Old Testament theology

Current Research

Hosea to Micah, Daniel, Genesis

“I want to see things through the eyes of Genesis or Isaiah or Lamentations. My Christian faith will sometimes enable me to perceive things in the Old Testament that I might otherwise miss. . . . but I want the Old Testament to correct my Christian assumptions when they need correction. When I can work out what these books would mean for the Israelites for whom they were written, there’s a good chance that I can find my way to what it might mean for me.”


Dr. Goldingay, in his book Introduction to the Old Testament: Exploring Text, Approaches & Issues. Glimpse his daily routine in this video.


John Goldingay, who came to Fuller in 1997, is currently professor of Old Testament and David Allan Hubbard Professor Emeritus of Old Testament. He was previously principal and a professor of Old Testament at St. John’s Theological College in Nottingham, England. For many years he also served as priest-in-charge of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Pasadena. Goldingay says, “For me, being a professor is a subset of being a pastor.” He was married to Ann for 43 years until she died in 2009. He is now married to Kathleen and the two of them are well-known in jazz and other clubs.

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