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John Goldingay

Senior Professor of Old Testament and David Allan Hubbard Professor Emeritus of Old Testament

As senior faculty at Fuller, this professor primarily mentors students and only occasionally, if ever, teaches courses.

BA, University of Oxford
PhD, University of Nottingham
DD, Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth

Courses Taught

OT500 – Introduction to the Old Testament
OT517 – Isaiah
OT517 – Psalms
OT556 – Old Testament Hermeneutics
OT551 – Old Testament Ethics
BI500 – Interpretive Practices

Campus Affiliations

Center for Advanced Theological Studies

Areas of Expertise

Isaiah, Psalms, Old Testament theology

Current Research

Hosea to Micah, Daniel, Genesis

“I want to see things through the eyes of Genesis or Isaiah or Lamentations. My Christian faith will sometimes enable me to perceive things in the Old Testament that I might otherwise miss. . . . but I want the Old Testament to correct my Christian assumptions.”


Dr. Goldingay, in his book Introduction to the Old Testament: Exploring Text, Approaches & Issues. Glimpse his daily routine in this video.


John Goldingay is the David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament in the School of Theology and has been at Fuller since 1997. 

Before coming to Fuller, Goldingay was principal and a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at St John’s Theological College in Nottingham, England. He studied theology at Oxford and was ordained and worked in a church in London.

Goldingay’s most recent publications include the 17-volume Old Testament For Everyone series (Westminster John Knox/SPCK (2010–15), which provides clear, concise comment on all the Old Testament Scriptures, and The Theology of the Book of Isaiah (InterVarsity Press, 2014). His book Do We Need the New Testament? Letting the Old Testament Speak for Itself comes out in 2015 (InterVarsity Press). He is the author of a three-volume Old Testament Theology (InterVarsity Press, 2003–2009). His other recent books include Key Questions about Christian Faith: Old Testament Answers (Baker, 2010) and Key Questions about Biblical Interpretation: Old Testament Answers (Baker, 2011). He has also written commentaries on Daniel, Isaiah, and Psalms.

He holds membership in the Society of Biblical Literature and the Society for Old Testament Study, and serves on the Task Force on Biblical Interpretation in the Anglican Communion and the editorial board for the Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies. 

On his webpage vita Goldingay says, “For me, being a professor is a subset of being a pastor, and I am also priest-in-charge of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Pasadena. I was married to Ann for 43 years until she died in 2009; I have two married sons. I am now married to Kathleen Scott.”

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