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Kutter Callaway

Associate Professor of Theology and Culture

BS, University of Colorado
MAT, Fuller Theological Seminary
PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary

Courses Taught

TC530: Theology and Film

TC533: Theology and TV

TC581: Worship, Theology, and the Arts Touchstone

TC588: Engaging Independent Film

TC849: A Theology of General Revelation

TC867/567: The Aesthetics of Atheism

TC860: Theology and Culture Methods

Campus Affiliations

Areas of Expertise

Theology and culture, theological aesthetics, public theology, media and technology, film, music, television and audiovisual culture, the church in contemporary culture


“If theology and the Christian faith are going to be intelligible or make sense to anyone in the modern world, it really has to come from a place of being conversant with culture. We need to honor and respect the things we’re engaged in dialogue with just as if it were a person sitting across a coffee table from us.”


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Kutter Callaway is associate professor of theology and culture and co-director of Reel Spirituality. He is actively engaged in writing and speaking on the interaction between theology and culture—particularly film, television, and online media—in both academic and popular forums.

Dr. Callaway’s most recent books are Techno-Sapiens in a Networked Era: Becoming Digital Neighbors (Cascade, 2020), which he coauthored with Fuller’s Associate Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture Ryan Bolger; The Aesthetics of Atheism: Theology and Imagination in Contemporary Culture (Fortress Press, 2019); and Deep Focus: Film and Theology in Dialogue (Baker Academic, 2019). Past books include Breaking the Marriage Idol: Reconstructing our Cultural and Spiritual Norms (InterVarsity Press, 2018), Watching TV Religiously: Television and Theology in Dialogue (Baker Academic, 2016) and Scoring Transcendence: Contemporary Film Music as Religious Experience (Baylor University Press, 2013). In addition, he contributed to God in the Movies (2017); Halos and Avatars (2010), the first book on theology and video games; and Don’t Stop Believin’ (2012), a dictionary of religion and popular culture.

Callaway co-chairs the Religion, Film, and Visual Culture group at the American Academy of Religion. He is also on the scripted TV advisory board for Engage Entertainment, and partners with Paulist Productions to produce the YouTube series “Should Christians Watch?” His professional memberships include the American Academy of Religion, American Psychological Association, Society of Biblical Literature, and Society for Pentecostal Studies. He is ordained as a Baptist minister.

The Kutter Callaway Podcast is an ongoing conversation with artists, writers, thought leaders, and experts exploring the various ways in which culture and faith (or the lack thereof) inform and give rise to one another. Listen on Soundcloud or subscribe via iTunes.

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