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Fuller Inclusion Website Relaunched

As a part of our continuing efforts towards diversity, inclusion, and equity at Fuller, we have designed the webpage. Fuller is a place in process—it is always changing, always developing, and always striving to live more fully into its mission to equip God’s people. Part of that striving has been a history of pursuing greater diversity, inclusion, and equity out of a commitment to the equal dignity of all human beings. will be a place to see and understand how Fuller is continuing in those efforts. This page is designed to collect all the information regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity at Fuller into one space so that it can be easily approached and understood amid the whirlwind of change in this season. will provide regular updates on inclusion and equity strategies that are being developed and enacted. These updates will aim to both describe what steps are being taken as well as how those steps will affect the experiences of those who interact with the institution. The webpage also gathers together other resources, such as The Strategic Approach Toward Inclusive Excellence (SATIE), the guiding document for inclusion and equity projects at Fuller, authored by Associate Provost Alexis Abernethy; the Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Audit (IDEA); Fuller’s commitment to Racial Justice and Intercultural Life; previous communications concerning inclusion; and other relevant policies.  

One of the main functions of is to present the strategies from the SATIE. On, these strategies are organized in a way that intentionally connects with concerns expressed by students, alumni, staff, and faculty. Viewers are able to see the specific strategies related to their particular concerns, such as recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff, or developing an inclusive institutional climate and culture. Each individual strategy within the section specifies the responsible persons or groups, the deadlines they are working toward, and, when possible, updates on the progress that has been made toward that goal.

The purpose of this page is both communication about these core issues with the wider Fuller community and transparency in that process. It is meant to be a source for understanding what steps Fuller is taking to become the institution it aspires to be, an institution that fully welcomes all of God’s people. For this reason, hosts both the IDEA, which describes some of the challenges Fuller is facing, as well as the SATIE, which articulates the actions that serve as a response to those challenges. With prayer, we hope that these actions and efforts, undertaken by us all—students, alumni, staff, administrators, faculty, trustees, donors, and friends—will establish greater inclusion and equity at Fuller.