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Fuller Announces Launch of the Doctor of Global Leadership Degree

Fuller Seminary is pleased to announce the new Doctor of Global Leadership (DGL) degree. “In our dramatically changing world, we need to reimage how the gospel is shared in our unique settings,” said Kurt Fredrickson, associate dean for professional doctoral programs. “The Doctor of Global Leadership creates an environment where missional leaders serving in churches and other organizations can develop missiological frameworks that enable dynamic change in their specific contexts.”

A 54-unit professional doctorate meant to replace the current Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree, the DGL is designed for leaders in transnational mission organizations and pastors or missionaries engaged in entrepreneurial change to deepen their calling and advance their mission. Guided by expert faculty practitioners, DGL students will use missiological and theological principles to engage in research that culminates in a contextually applied dissertation with a robust action plan for their own ministry.

Students will study with professors like Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of integral mission and global transformation. “The Doctor of Global Leadership degree is an opportunity for Christian leaders to go to the next level of mission capacity,” said Dr. Salvatierra. “Before I became a professor, I spent more than 30 years as a practitioner in roles including missionary, NGO director, strategic consultant for mission and ministry organizations, and trainer. During that time, I longed for the opportunity to practice the depth of reflection and research that I wanted to bring to the work. The DGL is that opportunity in the context of an international cohort of companions on the road.”

In this four-year degree students are sharpened and challenged as they study in a collaborative cohort community. This DGL is offered fully online, or in a hybrid format with some work online complemented by an annual one-week meeting in residence. The variety of modalities allows students to stay in their context and continue their work as they pursue this degree. The DGL is offered in both English and Korean (KDGL).

“The DGL is a degree for leaders with a vision to engage in careful research leading to innovating real solutions to complex problems,” said Doug McConnell, provost emeritus and professor of leadership and intercultural studies. “Building on the experience of more than 30 cohorts over the past decade, the DGL brings leaders together as learners and consultants facilitated by a faculty on the cutting edge of applied research. This is a degree that will develop your mind, spiritual life, and ministry!”