Fuller Sacramento


Spring 2017 is the last quarter that degree courses of any type will be offered at the Sacramento campus. The Sacramento campus will subsequently close September 30, 2017.

Students are offered the following options for completing their Fuller degree programs:

Option 1: Attend courses at Fuller’s Bay Area campus which offers 100% of the degree programs that are offered at the Sacramento campus.

Option 2: Attend Hybrid Plus courses at the Sacramento campus Fall 2016, Winter 2017, and/or Spring 2017 (no courses are available in Sacramento during Summer 2016). Fuller is approved to offer the MATM, MDiv, MAICS and MAT in the Hybrid Plus format. A full list of Hybrid Plus courses to be offered can be found here.

Students may also complete courses using online courses and geo-physical courses taken at one of Fuller’s other approved campuses.

For details regarding your program please contact your academic advisor.


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