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Terry D. Hargrave

Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy

BS, West Texas State University
MA, West Texas State University
MA, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
PhD, Texas Woman’s University

Courses Taught

FI510: Integration Formation Group

FI515/815: Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Clinical Practice

FL504: Marriage and Interpersonal Relations

FS510: Gender and Sexuality

FT514: Family Therapy

FT530C: Clinical Foundations 3

FT535: Group Therapy

FT561/861: Advanced Family Therapy Techniques

PF814: Family Therapy

Campus Affiliations

Areas of Expertise

Forgiveness, aging and caregiving, intensive marital therapy, contextual family therapy

“As therapists working in the Restoration Therapy model, we seek to help others live within the truth of who they are in relationship with others in their lives, with God, and with themselves. Others can love us passionately and sincerely. God can love us sacrificially and unconditionally. But in the end analysis, we have to be involved in the process ourselves to decide whether or not we will choose to believe and restore our identity to the path of life and peace.”


Dr. Hargrave, in an essay on the restoration of identity, available here.


Terry D. Hargrave, who joined the School of Psychology in 2008, is the Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of Marital and Family Therapy. He came to Fuller with 19 years of teaching experience at the University of Mississippi, Amarillo College, and West Texas A&M University, and over 20 years of experience counseling couples, families, and individuals.

With interests in forgiveness, aging, and intensive marital therapy, Dr. Hargrave has authored or coauthored 11 books. His most recent books are Restoration Therapy: Understanding and Guiding Healing in Marriage and Family Therapy (2011) and Five Days to a New Marriage (2011), and others include Boomers on the Edge: Three Realities that Will Change Your Life Forever (2008), The Essential Humility of Marriage: Honoring the Third Identity in Couples Therapy (2000), and Families and Forgiveness: Healing Wounds in the Intergenerational Family (1994).

Hargrave serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy and Marriage and Family: A Christian Journal and has also published articles in the Journal of Family TherapyJournal of the Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Journal of Psychology and Christianity, and Journal of Professional Counseling. He is a member of the American Counseling Association and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and Good Morning America and CBS’s Early Morning.

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