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Student Engagement and Success

The Mission

The Fuller Student Council (FSC) seeks to:

  • Listen to students, providing a safe and empathetic space for students to voice concerns and/or challenges
  • Advocate for students by communicating their concerns to appropriate administrative leaders and departments, especially in the areas of academic programs, institutional policies, diversity, and institutional culture
  • Represent students and student interests at institutional meetings, on committees, and at activities that may impact student education or life
  • Promote diversity by recognizing and valuing the various cultures, languages and backgrounds of those in our community and supporting  the institution’s stated mission and values with respect to diversity
  • Promote community for all students by collaborating with the Office of Student Engagement and Success in creating opportunities for students to make meaningful connections both online and at physical campuses




You can contact the FSC at any time by emailing them at [email protected].