Student Engagement and Success

The Mission

We will try our hardest to serve you this year as students, while focusing on the following areas in order to foster a more family like atmosphere on campus:

  • To advocate for students in the areas of academics, seminary politics, policies, and programmatic concerns. This includes but is not limited to the listening to and legitimizing of student concerns and any necessary mediation between students and other parties on and off campus.
  • To represent the voice of students at faculty meetings, Board of Trustees meetings, and other settings in which the input of the student body is essential.
  • To be a front-runner in the promotion and embodiment of the diversity that Fuller both vocalizes and pursues as a means of reflecting and celebrating the diversity of the kingdom of God.
  • To facilitate community for both new and returning students on the Pasadena campus. This community facilitation should take into account the geographical diversity of the student body, as well as the diversity of lifestyles represented by Pasadena campus students (e.g. commuter students, residential students, families, etc.)
  • To actively support and inform the larger mission of Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Intramural Sports

We offer 3 seasons of Sports as the ASC--Fall, Winter, and Spring.

The Sports, per season, are listed below:

  • Fall: Flag Football
  • Winter: Basketball
  • Spring: Soccer

If you have any questions, please contact Chase Weaver, ASC Sports Coordinator, at

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The ASC Office is located on the first floor of Kreyssler Hall on Fuller's Pasadena campus.

phone: 626-584-5452